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Who Run The World Analysis

No description

Giovanni M

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Who Run The World Analysis


Song Analysis:
Lyrical Analysis:
Unapologetically aggressive (Title & lyrics)
Can't X Won't
"Who run the world? Girls!" (x4): 16/chorus
"Disrespect us no they won't"
"Boy don't even try to touch this": Prohibition
"This goes out to all my girls/That's in the club rocking the latest/
Who will buy it for themselves and get more money later
": No need for a man to take care of her. Buy her own things and make her own money to spend how she wants.
"I need a
": customizing male needs to suit women
Instrumental Analysis:
All references made to: Who run the world (Girls) Beyoncè Knowles; Writer(s): David M. Taylor, David James Taylor, Nick van de Wall, Terius Nash, Thomas Wesley Pentz, Adidja Palmer, Christopher A. Stewart, Beyonce Knowles, Nick Wal, 2011. Available at: /www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6U
"None of thee n*ggas can fade me": Won't let anyone dim the shine
"F- You pay me/F- You hate me" Double entendre: F- You | F- you paying me
Lyrical Analysis (2):
"My persuasion can build a nation/Endless power, with our love we can devour/
You'll do anything for me
": Empowering women ---> higher spot than men=follow their orders
"You can't hold me/I work my 9 to 5, better cut my check": Freedom and rights.
"To other men that respect what I do/Please accept my shine": You're still beneath me.
"How we're smart enough to make these millions/Strong enough to bear the children/Then get back to business.": Strengthening powerful women
"Who are we? What we run? The world" (x4)
Drums/ Percussion: altered with effects; strong/powerful/present
Pitched computer sound
Gives a voice with her voice
Dynamics: Loud

Pitch: High/ undefined: Yells/screams (empowers)

Rythm/Beat: steady, moving (Catchy)

Catchy: globalized easily; spreading the message

Instruments: Drums to keep beat to voice
Genre: POP and R&B
Drums hold beat for voice
Tribal dancing/Setting: Swaziland; Women's rights (legal minors); fighting
Directly talking to the camera: Explicitly spreading her message
Contrasting sweet/aggressive --->
Repel/ward off male SWAT team
Empowerment and accentuation of the message through such a convincing, strong video
Copy of Textual Analysis of ‘Run The World’ by Beyoncé
, Catrina Walters, Accessed: 28 May 2015(online): available at: https://prezi.com/tkoo6eewm3vd/copy-of-textual-analysis-of-run-the-world-by-beyonce/
Lyrics from AZ Lyrics: Accessed: 28 May 2015; available at:
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