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Community Development Plan

No description

Arianne Toussaint

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Community Development Plan

Community Development Plan By: Anna Toussaint - Continue to make sure the residents are adapting well and not falling being academically
- Celebrate any holiday that is celebrated by someone on the floor
- Address any conflict swiftly so that it doesn't get out of hand
- Plan bigger events (e.g. a water balloon fight, a scavenger hunt or other neighborhood events)
- Try to get the residents acquainted with the other floors of the building and even other Resident Halls in the Commons Addressing Conflict Thank you! Spring Semester The Rest of the Fall Semester Example Door Decals Example Bulletin Board The Models Social Change Consciousness of Self Congruence Commitment Common Purpose Controversy with Civility Relational Leadership Identity How will it impact the
Community? Leadership Identity Personal Identity Social Identity New Resident's Needs Applying the Group Process Observation Encouraging Citizenship and Civility My Values:
- Honesty
- Loyalty
- Kindness My Beliefs:
- Reincarnation
- There is a God
- Family is the most important thing in the world I am aware of all my beliefs and values and how they influence me, however I also understand that other people could have opposing ones. How it Applies to the
Community A community is built up of individuals all with their own values and beliefs. It is important that everyone should be able to stay true to themselves while being an integrative group. Creating a thriving community takes a high level of commitment from everyone involved. If those in the community are not motivated to be a part of the community, it will fall apart. Keeping up the commitment:
- Make the community an inviting place
- Create deep bonds among the members of the community I will Collaborate with:
- My residents
- Other R.A.s
- Groups/clubs on campus
- Other residence halls The community with collaborate with:
- Me
- Each other
- Other students/groups on campus It is important to collaborate opposed to running a dictatorship because the community should be a place where everyone feels comfortable voicing their thoughts and ideas. Members of the community should trust one another and feel trusted. Being the Arts LLC, the floor will already have a common purpose, however there are many different aspects within the "Arts". It will be my job to harmonize the different components of the community's common purpose. I believe it is extremely important to be consistent with my expectations of my residents and to behave in an appropriate way to set a good example in order to create a stable and positive community. Because of differences in beliefs, values and identities, there will undoubtedly be conflict, however the members of the community must be open and understanding of these differences. Grievances should be discussed civilly. Campus Resources Getting to Know the Campus Getting to Know Each Other Homesickness Roommate Conflict Resident Conflict R.A./Resident Conflict ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get to Know Your R.A.! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome Week! Important People and
Phone Numbers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Arts LLC Process Purpose Inclusive Forming Storming Norming Adjourning Performing Group Development Model Empowering Ethical Collaboration Everyone has their own identity and
a community is a joining of all these
identities I will be sure that all major campus resources locations and phone numbers are on a bulletin board. I will also have a list of all the campus resource information so that if there are any resources not on the board, my residents can ask me and I'll have the answer readily available. I will have maps for my residents and one on the bulletin board and I will explain it to them as it's hard to understand it at first. I will also offer to give tours of the campus so my residents can see for themselves where to get food and where their classes are. Considering I am going to have a freshmen floor, I believe it is extremely important for all the residents to get to know each other and form bonds so they can help each other through the transition of coming to college and make lasting friendships. Goals:
- Learn each others names quickly
- Learn each other's identities and values How to combat it:
- Have "campfire" nights
~ Nights where we watch movies on the common room T.V. and drink warm drinks as a floor to make everyone feel involved and close
- Arrange for regular floor activities to keep everyone occupied and having fun so they don't miss home too much
- Being ready to talk and listen to residents about missing home, especially in the beginning of the semester
- Keep floor meetings positive and upbeat to keep a positive feeling on the floor I will be strict in the beginning with students
about being polite to
one another. I will not tolerate disrespect or
prejudice. I
believe the key to
civility is respect and
that must be
established very
early in the year. I will emphasize the
floor's identity as an
LLC throughout the
year, especially in
the beginning, so
that the residents
really feel like a
part of
community We will come together as a floor for the first time on move-in day. Our final days together before we move out for the summer. The formal "adjourning" will be the final floor meeting of the year. There will inevitably be conflict as a group of strangers are coming together to live as a community. The storming will likely be a process of the residents getting to know one another and working out where they sit in relation to one another, such as who is more assertive and talkative and who is more of a follower. There will also likely be storming against me as an R.A., as I assert my authority on the floor. As the year progresses, the residents will become more comfortable and familiar with one another and with me. We will become a closer community. I will likely be able to be less strict with the residents as they already know and understand my exceptions and the rules of the floor. All the different identities present in
the community must be respected By everyone having different identities, the community will be diverse and members can learn more about identities they are not familiar with There must be successful interaction between members of the community in order for the community to work well as a positive and cohesive group. To create this interaction, I will create a process of communication that leads to trust and cooperation, which will create a good community To create an inclusive and positive community on my floor that is a part of the larger Mason community How I will make the community inclusive:

- Encourage the residents to be understanding and accepting of differences among one another
- Having events highlighting and (if relevant) celebrating the different identities represented on the floor
- Being strict about stopping disrespect and demonstrations of prejudice
- Applying all of these points to my own conduct I will ensure that my residents know that they have a voice on the floor. I will have authority over them, however their thoughts and opinions are extremely important. I plan to create an environment where all my residents know they have the power to get involved in the community and to influence it. Despite the differences in values and/or opinions I will inevitably have with some of my residents, I will always strive to remain ethical in all my statements and decisions. I will approach issues with an open mind and make my mind up with not only my values, but also a wider scope of ethical behavior. As a community, after storming and norming, we will reach the performing stage. Residents will be able to rely on one another to be civil and responsible
memories of the
community. My Leadership approach is Participative

- I will highly value the input of my residents
- I will have the final say about things that go on in the community
- I will ensure my residents actively participate in discussions about floor rules and policies so I know and understand their opinions and points of view
- The only time I believe I will have to alter this leadership approach is when I have to make tough, quick decisions; then I will have to make my mind up without the input of my residents Specifics of the 6
Week Plan Week
1 Week
3 Week
2 Week
4 Week
5 Week
6 - Emphasize learning names
- Learn important information about residents (e.g. allergies or disorders)
- Help the residents acclimate to college life by holding regular floor meetings and being readily available to answer questions
- Set up and enforce floor rules As it applies to me as the R.A.:
- I will make a serious effort to learn about all the identities represented on the floor so I will be more understanding and better informed about my residents The personal identity is crucial for creating lasting bonds between people. You do not really know someone until you know their personal identity. I hope to reach a point on the floor where my residents are comfortable with sharing their personal identities with me and each other. The social identity, being the first thing we see, is what we base our assumptions on. I will be sure to not take the social identity at face value. I know that people also have their personal identity and that just because we have opposing social identities doesn't mean that we cannot both be successful parts of the community. I will also emphasize this philosophy to my residents. - If the conflict involves the majority of the floor, I will bring it up in a floor meeting and have the floor talk it out with me keeping the discussion civil
- If the conflict involved only a few people, I would have us all meet in a room to talk it out
- I will always be sure that everyone has a chance to civilly voice their opinions
- If talking out the issue doesn't resolve it, then I will weigh all the information and try my best to make a balanced decision to solve it - If roommates are having an issue, I would talk to them both individually, decided on a date and time for to meet as a group with me
- During the meeting as a group, I would have them take turns talking out the issues and explaining their emotions without becoming too emotional so that the discussion stays civil
- I will try my best to have the roommates make a decision to resolve their conflict, but if they can't, then I will make the best and fairest decision. If no compromise can be reached, as a last resort, I will rearrange rooms for a better fit - I will always strive to be polite and respectful to my residents, but that goes both ways, I will expect them to show me the same respect
- As there will enviably be conflict, I will stay true to the rules that I set up at the beginning of the year. I will be strict if I have to, in order to keep order and civility on the floor
- If I can't decide who's really in the wrong or I can't solve the conflict without getting emotion, I will consult my R.D. - Start having movie nights, I'll collaborate with my residents to find the best evening and every week we'll have a completely different genre to cater to everyone's likes
- I will tell the residents more about the surrounding area, the things they can do in D.C., Alexandra, Georgetown ect.
- I will set up a board to highlight my residents achievements as classes are starting - I will check up on all my residents, ensuring that they're adapting well to their classes and talking to them if not
- I will keep up with the weekly movie tradition and start planning other events that are on campus as I am made aware of them - As it's been a month since the semester started, at the floor meeting I'll have everyone talk about how things are going, focusing on all the positive
- If possible, I'll start a game night running too, so that if someone can't make the movie night or doesn't like the movie, they can be there for game night - Keep up with the floor traditions and weekly meetings
- Start talking about holiday decorations and events at the floor meeting for Halloween and the winter holiday season - Stop being quite as pushy about talking to my residents and bringing them to events, hopefully by now they will be comfortable enough to come talk to me and show up to the events I tell them about, though I will by no means stop being active on the floor The main thing I took away from my Group Process Observation
is that communication is the most important thing to keep a
group functioning well. I will always listen to my residents
and take into consideration what they have to say about
everything to do with our community. - Remind my residents of the rules of the floor
- Have 'welcome back' events, such as talking about what everyone did over the break, taking residents to events on campus (e.g. plays, movies, art shows)
- Resume movie and game nights, possibly changing the nights to reflect the resident's new schedules My Floor and the Community Collaboration with my PA and Faculty Member I will keep in regular contact with both my PA and and Faculty Member so that I know what my residents are being taught in the University 100 class. I will then reflect what they're learning in class in our floor events: for example if they are learning about drug awareness, in our floor meeting, I will talk about wellness, about how there are other healthy ways to stay happy and stress free other than drugs or alcohol. I will use my collaboration with my PA and Faculty Member in order to flesh out my educational initiatives. I will encourage my residents to be active in the Mason community
by joining groups and even trying to gain leadership roles. Being the
Arts LLC, I would like for my residents to showcase their artistic
skills if they are comfortable with it. I would like to see if it
would be possible to set up an art show, possibly in one of the rooms
in the JC or in the Art and Design building. I want the Mason
community to know about the LLC and the skills my resident's
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