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Life Is Full of Ifs and buts

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Shane Matchett

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Life Is Full of Ifs and buts

Life Is Full of : "Ifs and buts"
"No ifs And Buts"
In the past day can you think of any reasons or excuses you
have made ?
Thank you !

By:Shane Matchett
I don't plan on talking about the definition
of this idiom.
But what I do wish to talk about
Let me Explain!
Starting With the "if's"
Ex: "If" i had more time, I would love to...
"If' i could afford it, i would love to have that...
I Think you get the point.
Who controls that "if"?
Chang All the "if's" in you life to "when's".
Ex: "when" i have more time, i would love to...
"when" i can afford it, i would love to have that...
That sounds a lot better
Now the "buts".
Ex: "but" I can't...
"but' why should i...
Never doubt yourself
"then again".
Ex: "but" i can't, "then again" i could try.
"but' why should i, "then again" why wouldn't i.
I think by coining this phrase with a
dash of optimism, that it will help to make your life's "buts" better.
So give it a try
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