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Media Presentation (Integrity Assembly)

Beckham Rolfe

Miss Chiras

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Media Presentation (Integrity Assembly)

What is Integrity? Integrity is Honesty
Integrity is Respect ~Taking responsibility for your actions

~Being truthful

~Standing up

~Doing what is right Signs of Integrity ~Lying

~Not telling people what you did

~Blaming other people

~Bullying Integrity Isn't: ~Because it isn't fair to blame other people
for your own actions

~Because it is the right thing to do

~You will feel good about yourself after
doing the right thing

~Because you should always treat others the way you want to be treated

~Because you will make other people happy or grateful Why is Integrity So Important? ~Tell the truth, even if it'll get you in

~Take your punishment without

~Help others

~Do what you think would be helpful How Can I Include Integrity In My
Life? This assembly is all about leadership.
Integrity plays a big part in becoming a leader.
My group has created this presentation to give some ideas of what integrity is.
How will you lead?
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