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Chernobyl and the effect it had on the atmosphere

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Joshua Mendrala

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Chernobyl and the effect it had on the atmosphere

Finally Before the disaster How CHERNOBYL Effected the Atmosphere Chernobyl was already having a negative effect on the atmosphere even before the great disaster. The fumes that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was releasing were toxic to the atmosphere and were already burning a small hole in it. It was also having an effect on the plant life around it. Plants do not survive well in the conditions of the fumes that Chernobyl was giving off The Disaster During the Chernobyl disaster, a sudden burst of chemicals is released into the atmosphere. This sudden burst poisons the atmosphere instantly. Not only this, but the conditions it will cause with the air around itself can result in things like mutations, instant death, and sometimes even two objects being combined into one object. Just the instant burst of chemicals, and radiation can cause so many drastic changes in the atmosphere, that the long term effects are almost nothing. Directly After the Disaster Directly after the Chernobyl disaster a good many strange events occurred in the Chernobyl area. Plants began to mutate to survive the harsh atmospheric conditions. Plants and animals began to mutate protective coverings, reflective surfaces, and sheltering. This caused new species of plants, and new forms of animals. The Hole One thing that a lot of people do not know about Chernobyl, is that it made a hole in the Ozone layer. It is a very small hole however, barely large enough to effect the area around it. In fact their are many holes in our ozone layer. These holes are caused by nuclear bomb testings, and nuclear disasters like Chernobyl. These holes are caused by the nuclear blast and sudden burst of radiation, literally burning a hole through the Ozone layer. Aftershock The long term effects of Chernobyl on the atmosphere were catastrophic. Chernobyl is predicted to still be unlivable due to the harsh radiation for at least another 5 to 10 years. The radiation in the atmosphere around Chernobyl can cause slow death in humans and animals, because of poisoning in the organs, possible cancer, and strange mutations in the body that can cause death. Chernobyl, did catastrophic damage to the atmosphere, however the effects it had on the atmosphere effected life in the atmosphere more than it effected the atmosphere itself.
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