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Jackson State/Carlisle Institute

No description

Chris Pigott

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Jackson State/Carlisle Institute

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Lieutenant Richard Henry Pratt "They told us that Indian ways were bad. They said we must get ‘civilized’....It means ‘be like the white man’... And the books told how bad the Indians had been to the white men - burning their towns and killing their women and children. But I had seen white men do that to Indians. We all wore white man's clothes and ate white man's food and went to white man's churches and spoke white man's talk. And so after a while we also began to say Indians were bad. We laughed at our own people...”
Jackson College Dr. Charles Ayers Mount Helen Baptist Church Class of 1894 Faculty of 1904 Natchez Seminary Mississippi Negro Training School Private
Public "What a 'Nigra' needed to learn was how to work -- how to run a middle buster. I am against against calling this school a college; Imove that we name this institution the Mississippi Negro Traning School." Jackson State University Jackson College The link: The Baptist Church In an address to a convention of Baptist ministers in 1883 Pratt wrote: "In Indian civilization I am a Baptist, because I believe in immersing the Indians in our civilization and when we get them under holding them there until they are thoroughly soaked."
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