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Gas or grouse

No description

Syazwana Shaman

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Gas or grouse


Pinedale Mesa
Sometime called the Pinedale Anticline.

Is a 40-mile-long mesa extending north and south along the eastern side of Wyoming’s Green River Basin.

Famous as the gateway to the hunting, fishing, and hiking treasures.

Surrounded by hundreds of recently drilled wells ceaselessly pumping natural gas.

Ethical issues that were raised by the case
Member's Group :-
1) What are the systemic, corporate, and individual issues raised in this case?

* damage in Pinedale Mesa Landscape ecologically and beauty
* decreasing numbers of wildlife species
* reducing the need to import energy supplies from abroad
* increasing local economy booming


* the drilling pad is taking a big space in supporting the drilling rig
* new technology cost too much
* lacking of ability to do something due to seasonal activity


* Jim Sims ; suggested the "funding scientific studies" that would be designed to show the sage grouse wasn't susceptible
* Dru Bower ; wanted to keep the species at Pinedale Mesa out of the "endangered species list"
2) How should wildlife species be valued & how should that value be balanced against the economic interest of a company like Questar?

Maintaining the natural range of the wildlife. It protects the exist population, it also prevent from extinction, and facilitate wild species to breed.

This values can be balanced upon economic interests if, and only if the Questar Corporation have high awareness for the environment circumscriptoin and if it obeys the rules.

It is extremely difficult to put on wildlife species into monetary valuation. Some ofavailable research even mentioned that one of the ways of valuating the wildlife species is to count on the effort made on the conservation.

The higher theconservation cost is, the higher is the monetary value. But however, the wildlifevaluation isn’t all about monetary aspects. There is an environmental balance needs tobe concerned as well.

Basically, valuing them isn’t an easy job.However, when it deals with company’s economic interest such as Questar, thereshould be an effort by the company itself to both reserving the environment as well asproviding some conservation funds to help the work of conservation.

3) In light of US economy's dependence on oil, & in light of the environmental impact of Questar's drilling operations, is Questar morally obligated to cease its drilling operations on the Pinedale Mesa? Explain.

Basically, Questar is morally obliged, but it is definitely not the only one having the obligation. The Questar company should continue their innovation for drilling, so the environment and animal around Questar can be survive and have a chance to breath.
4) What, if anything, should Questar be doing differently?
Questar Corporation should be doing differently towards the development of drilling pads.

Questar Corporation should have high deliberation for demand of winter for wildlife and range route and sagebrush division chart

Besides that, Questar Corporation need to consider the solution of the impact for environment and animals around Questar

5) Alternative Decisions from BLM

i)Continue to prohibit winter drilling and allow no additional wells

ii)Allow winter drilling and allow 4399 more wells on a maximum 600 drilling pads located within a large core area in the centra part of the mesa.

iii)Allow winter drilling and 4399 more wells on a maximum 600 pad plus: confine drilling to specific parts of the core area and prohibit drilling or disturbances of any areas that were “crucial winter ranges” for mule deer & pronghorn antelope, or mating and nesting areas of the sage grouse.

iv) Allow drilling only within the core area and prohibit drilling in the area around the periphery, but: permit fewer than 4399 wells and less than 600 pads and limit the total acreage devoted to wells

Is Alternative 4 the best choice that BLM made? Is there any other better alternatives?

• Alternative 4 is the best Drilling Environment choice if we want to have a Pollution minimum impact to wildlifes Management Optimum but also still take account Fulfilling Conservation on wildlife and physical about the access to natural National Energy environment Supplies gas for the nations sake.

6) Is the loss of species a problem of pollution? Or is it just a problem of conservation? Can the loss of species be evaluated as an external cost?

The loss of species in this case is both a problem of pollution and also a problem of conservation. • On one side, the operation of Gas Drilling company is becoming source of pollution in terms of land pollution (by occupying & damaging wildlife habitat, operational vehicle / truck traffic), water pollution (caused by drilling sediments), air pollution from the operation of drilling rig, etc.

On the other side there is a problem of conservation because the government (Via BLM) not imposing strict rules about the usage of the land which is the habitat for Grouse bird, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, and other wildlife species.

Loss of species can be regarded as external cost in this case. So it must be internalized to company cost Private External Social. ( Internal cost)

Questar Corporation
An energy company with assets valued at about $4 billion

The main developer of the gas wells around the city and up on the mesa overlooking the city.

Mesa is a desperately needed resource that provides the nation with a clean and cheap source of energy.

By the beginning of 2004, Questar had drilled 76 wells on the 14,800 acres it leased from the federal government and the Wyoming state government and had plans to eventually drill at least 400 more wells.

Bureau Of Land Management
Took into account how badly the drilling would affect the wildlife of the Pinedale Mesa.

Imposed several restrictions on Questar’s operations on the mesa.

To protect the wildlife species living on the mesa especially sage-grouse.
Sage - Grouse
Is a colorful bird that today survives only in scattered pocket in 11 states.

The birds need large stands of sagebrush and it is extremely sensitive to human activity.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it would begin the process of a study on whether the sage grouse should be categorized as an endangered species.

Biologists believe that if its sagebrush habitats are not protected, the bird will be so reduced in number by 2050 that it will never recover.
Gas drilling had threatened the sage-grouse.
Drilling harms sage-grouse, efforts to mitigate drilling impacts to sage-grouse have been inadequate so far.

Sage-grouse need real landscape-level protections from the impacts of oil and gas drilling

Should we keep on our business advantages and profit without consider the other living things?

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