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Science- Food Web'

No description

Remira Pryce

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Science- Food Web'

Deep Salt Water Food Web Kelp Kelp get's its energy from light.
Kelp is an autotroph. Phytoplankton Their energy
source is light.
It is an autotroph. Sea Urchins They're omnivores.
They get their energy from phytoplankton and kelp.
They're a heterotroph. Jellyfish Jellyfish are omnivores.
Jellyfish get their energy from phytoplankton.
They are a heterotroph. Shrimp Shrimp are omnivores.
Their energy sources are kelp and phytoplankton.
They are heterotrophs. Dumbo Octopus The Dumbo octopus is an omnivore.
It get's its energy from the phytoplankton and the shrimp.
It is a heterotroph. Sailfish Sailfish are carnivores.
Their energy source is the Dumbo octopus and sea urchins.
They are heterotrophs. Giant Marine Wood Lice They are carnivores
They get their energy from the Dumbo octopuses, sailfish, and the jellyfish.
They are heterotrophs. Salt Water Crabs Salt water crabs are carnivores.
They get their energy from the sea urchins.
They are heterotrophs. Goblin Shark The goblin shark is a carnivore.
Their energy sources are sailfish, Dumbo octopus, and salt water crabs.
They are heterotrophs. Pelican They are omnivores.
Their energy sources are the salt water crab.
They are heterotrophs. Seagull They are carnivores.
Seagulls get their energy from salt water crabs and starfish.
They are heterotrophs
Algae It gets its energy source from the sun.
Algae is an autotroph. Large starfish They are omnivores.
They get their energy from algae an sand dollars.
Starfish are heterotroph. Sand dollar Sand dollars are herbivores.
They get their energy from algae and phytoplankton.
They are heterotroph.
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