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Lamb To The Slaughter!

No description

fatima adan

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Lamb To The Slaughter!

Prezi By: Fatima
Group Members: Raakave, Kimberly & Aqsa. Petition To Reduce Mary Maloney's Jail Time! Mary Maloney Is Not Guilty! REASON ONE Delusional Split Personality REASON TWO Mary Maloney, Not Guilty! CLOSING STATEMENT Many people may believe that justice and punishment are no different from another, but in this case there should be no reason for Ms. Maloney to be sentenced longer jail time, instead she should receive reduced jail time. After reviewing the case and putting in our perspectives into it, we believe that Mary Maloney was suffering “temporary insanity”. Due to drinking during pregnancy, omnipotent behavior and a delusional mind we have come to a consensus that Mrs. Mary Maloney due to temporary insanity murdered her husband Mr. Patrick Maloney. Therefore her jail time should be reduced. There are many factors throughout the story that indicated that Ms.Maloney was not in her right mind. She was pregnant and drinking alcohol, she was very anxious and omnipotent and lastly she believed her conversation with her husband was all an illusion. These are all key indicators that reason for her acting out. Though Mary Maloney did not hesitate to kill her husband, Patrick Maloney. "She simply walked behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head." We believe Mary had been going through her temporary insanity at this time. She felt as if she needed to defend herself from her husband. Mary Maloney also showed no evidence of killing her husband, Patrick Maloney. Mary Maloney called the cops and acted like she did not know anything that was happening. " Quick! Come quick! Patrick's dead!" "He's lying on the floor and i think he's dead." We also believe that at this time Mary was suffering under temporary insanity or in other words, “mentally unstable”. She was panicking and worrying on how to cover up her husband’s murder. REASON THREE
Mary had come to her senses and finally realized that she had killed her husband. "All right, she told herself. So I’ve killed him." Mary knew what the penalty would be for manslaughter. She needed to think of a plan which would not get her involved into the crime. Mary decided, in order to get rid of evidence "she carried the meat into the kitchen, placed it in a pan, turned the oven on high, and shoved it inside." In the end, Mary is giggling to herself in the kitchen while the detectives are eating the rack of lamb. REASON THREE Examples:

When her husband came home
After she killed him.
The Grocery Store
The 911 call
The ending ( giggling)
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