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Collaborative Mentoring for New Teachers

Presentation for International Society of Technology Educators #ISTE12 http://www.isteconference.org on 6/25/12 at San Diego, California

Lisa Dabbs

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Collaborative Mentoring for New Teachers

on-going conversations How did you use tools such as Diigo, Google Docs and Twitter to support new teachers? Why Collaborative Mentoring? Thank you! what would be one web 2.0 tool that you would recommend as a starting point? Let's have a conversation...
about mentoring. excited to be here with my panel at #ISTE12 Conference! Hi, Learning Collaborative Mentoring for New Teachers Personal What are we doing to
support new teachers?
How do we add web2.0? It started with a conversation... Network Founder of New Teacher Chat
CFL On-line instructor
rep. for edupad.com
#140 conf panelist
VP of Non profit Board
former principal
teachingwithsoul.com a vision for support to new teachers
using a collaborative approach
harnessing Web 2.0/social media tools
using virtual spaces New Teacher evangelist and Let's make it collaborative! Let's start a Bootcamp or New teacher edcamp! Mentor Message... Grade level teams Key School Team Members Harness the power of web 2.0 The New Teacher Mentoring Project New Teachers need to Blog Collaborative Mentoring
with Social Media! Social Media tools Rock! O Use a Wiki Use Skype Join Twitter!
A new teacher, may feel isolated. The power of an online community is that they can probably find someone else who'd like some company. Participate in Twitter chats!
Twitter chats are the next best thing to sharing a coffee with a buddy at a local Starbucks. Participation in free on-line PD
A new teacher, needs to be supported to carve out time to attend professional development conferences. It's no longer necessary to spend tons of funding resources to participate. Lisa M. Dabbs
@teachingwthsoul Edutopia.org
New Teacher Core Blogger,Facilitator #ntchat Presentation Resources Steven Anderson as a team...
What is the first step a district could take to support new teachers in this model? What was the outcome of your collaboration? Reach out! How do you help college students & teaching peers develop themselves professionally/
personally? EduPln.com Group Mary Beth Hertz Patrick Larkin M.Ed~Educational Management Inspire, Mentor,
Equip teachers On Twitter How can you support a new teacher to develop an on-line presence? K-8 Technology Teacher
masters degree
#edchat moderator
Edcamp Philly organizer
teaching in a computer lab since 2007
Instructional Technology certification
http://mbteach.com Assistant Superintendent
Burlington Public Schools
National Digital Principal
Award Winner (2012)
Evangelist for Web 2.0
http://patrickmlarkin.com/ I spent over ten years as a site principal. One thing I noticed most of all, as I worked with my new teachers, was that they failed to ask for help. a Virtual Mentor approach Many new teachers are blogging and I can't say enough about the power of blogging in the life of a new teacher. reflect, get feedback, and collaborate. Thoughts? Wiki Spaces.com New teachers need support on how to work with parents... Start a YouTube channel
Think about creating your own YouTube channel to support new colleagues. It's fun, and easy to do. Give it a try. Why is this important? Director of Technology
masters degree
Instructional Technology certification
#edchat co-founder
panelist at the #140 Conference in Los Angeles, New York
blog.web20classroom.org collaboration is key to discovering new ideas! You can share and collaborate with support staff, district/site administrators, & coaches to Share resources. Conversation Continues... Next question... If we don't take time to support new teachers to learn how...they will crash and burn! Student success depends on this parent-teacher relationship. What can you do to ensure that you provide mentoring in this area? A wiki is a website that lets any visitor become a participant.
You can create or edit the actual site contents
A wiki is continuously being transformed and is a living collaboration Most of us know how to use Skype to chat with friends or colleagues, but you can also use it to connect with educators (some who are also new teachers) and mentors around the globe! Twitter is an amazing social media tool for educators and can be a huge source of support for new teachers. Tweet, tweet! Join #ntchat! What about Community? Let's provide a mentor-net some of our new teachers may fail. It happens. But the actions we take, to prevent that, will provide the "mentor-net" they need to succeed! Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul Jaime J @Dontworryteach
HS World & APUSH tchr. Teacher
Network Coordinator & Integration Specialist for USD #376 Sterling
Adjunct Education Professor for Sterling College.
Discovery Education Network (DEN) Guru
LiveBinders "Coordinator"
http://mantzsmission.me Dean Mantz new teachers need support
with web 2.0!

What is the role of the principal in this important area?

Shouldn't admin collaborate? Erin Klein Second Grade Teacher
SMART Technologies
Exemplary Educator
The National Writing Project
Co-author of upcoming book
http://kleinspiration.com @web20classroom on twitter @mbteach on twitter @patricklarkin on twitter @kleinerin on twitter Edutopia.org
Symbalooedu.com Many Thanks to all
for the great Swag! It's Raffle Time!! Live Binders: Collaborative mentoring for new teachers http://bit.ly/LisaDabbsISTE12 @dmantz7 on twitter @shannonnmiller on twitter Can it be done in a virtual space? In your role...what did you find to be the best tool to use to support/mentor a new teacher?
How did it help? How does your district handle
PD online? @kelli_Lane What was the outcome? Time for Questions from our ISTE12 PLN! what are your favorite (top 3!) apps that you’ve used to ‘wow’ as as new teacher? @ToBeThatTeacher As a new teacher...what did you need that you didn't receive?

How could collaborative mentoring have supported you? Let's hear from Erin... Shannon Miller Teacher Librarian
Tech Integrationist
Shorty Award Recipient
Presenter & Blogger
vanmeterlibraryvoice.blogspot.com http://www.edupln.com/group/thenewteachermentoringproject Jeff Heil
CSU San Marcos @ShellTerrell on Twitter How will I begin?
What's my next step?
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