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Writing a Great Essay

This presentation will show you ten easy steps to writing a great essay.

Laura Stoeckle

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing a Great Essay

Writing a Great Essay Once you chose your topic. The next step is research.
The quality of your essay will be greater with the more
knowledge of your topic that you have. Different ways to research
Books related to the topic
Interview people who are knowledgeable on the topic Analysis is the next step.
Be familure with all sides
of your topic. Brainstorm what you want to talk about. Ask yourself questions about your topic so you can think about how you want your essay to be written. A thesis is a sentence that summarizes
what the idea of the essay is. This sentence
goes at the end of your introduction paragraph. Outline the path of thought
that you want your essay to follow. The introduction needs to be an attention grabber.
The paragraph needs to build up to the thesis. An essay needs to have at least
three body paragraphs. Each one
has its own idea about the topic.
They need to flow from one paragraph
to the next. The conclusion needs to be short and
sweet. Wrap up the main idea of the paper
and close with a sentence to make the reader
ponder what you wrote about. After writing the paper
have someone else read through it.
You will find that they may find
mistakes that you made. Get writing!!
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