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Business 1000


Luke Coombs

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Business 1000

Steve Jobs
Some consider him an arrogant and tyrannical micro-managing CEO who was the "Linchpin" that kept the company on task
Jobs brought a unique structure and culture to Apple
He is a bigger person than many people understand
How Apple Implemented Radical Management
Levels of Management-Apple Employees
Customers before Profits
“Think Differently”- Goal Setting
“The paramount thing is the product”-Tim Cook CEO
Apple beginning in the late 90s have created a company motto to revolutionize our perception on the limits of technology
Apple has constantly been creating products the market has never seen before
This is due to its focus on thinking outside the box
"Creating great products trumps everything else" - Tim Cook
Looking at Success Differently

People are always focused on the final result instead of what happens in-between.
What is Management "Culture"
Culture is a shared set of norms. It is a shared understanding of assumptions and expectations among an organizations members, and is reflected in the polices, vision and goals of that organization
Culture informs success, Leadership drives a culture
"Culture drives innovation and whatever else you are trying to accomplish within a company, whether it be innovation or execution it drives results”
History of Apple
Apple has always been a “Start Up”
Apple has always maintained the culture of remaining new and innovative
Smart Collaboration is the underlying reason for its success
It has been operating as a 14 year start-up. The concept of zero focus groups, committees and shareholders allows Apple to to be free in creating products for the consumer
"Focusing is Powerful" and a start ups vision is very focused"
How Apple's Management Defines Success
“All in” Scenario
According, to the current CEO Tim Cook all departments inside Apple are focused on one product at a time
Apple puts all of its best employees, engineers on the design and development of the iPhone, Mac etc.
Staff present in Apple are not focused on creating a slew of products but rather one great product
One Single Vision - Company identity
Being Different
Recognized Worldwide
"We're always focused on the future. We don't sit around and reminisce about how good things were yesterday" - Steve Jobs
Apple Electronics
Apple redefines what it means to be successful through its radically different management style
Business 1000
Submitted To: Roxanne Preston
and Class

Knows What Consumers Desire
Has invented arguably the best products on the planet, emphasizing on design
Creates products that are simple yet complex, people can easily interact with
Values the customer more than anything else. Apple knows that if you have a loyal base everything else will fall in place
It's important for Apple that the customer is satisfied, even the box is carefully designed

Presented by:

Luke Coombs
Sarah McCallum
Jordan Hamilton
Dong Qiao
Gao Yang
Discussion Questions
Where does Apple's Management go next?

Can this company continue to innovate without its iconic leader?

Is its day in the sun slowly coming to and end?
Apple is a technology company that designs consumer electronics
It was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976
The company nearly filed for bankruptcy in the early 1990's
Currently, the second most valuable multi-national corporation on the planet
From top to bottom
Passionate employees
Employee Growth
Minimal Bureaucracy
Recruiting and training the right people
The Bottom Line
Radically different Management
Radically different management philosophy
Apple became one of the first companies to redefine how a company works
“My passion has been to build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products. The products, not the profits, were the motivation" - Steve Jobs
Jobs says it himself
A Different Management Style
"My passion has been to build an enduring company where people who were motivated to make great products. The products, not the profits, were the motivation" - Steve Jobs
When Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 he implemented a management system with immense cohesion and collaboration
Thousands of middle managers were laid off
Everyone within the company shares the same goals and visions from bottom to the top
Inside Apple's Success
Record Sales
Some of Apple's Executive Staff
Tim Cook
John Ive
Phillip Schiller
Bob Mansfield
Ahead of the Competition
Apple is two years ahead of the competition

Everything is kept a secret, as it leads to anticipation and curiosity
Steve Jobs' New Management Style?
Delighting the Customer
Mangers are enablers of self-organizing teams
Dynamic Linking
Apple's Products
pproach customers with a personalized warm welcome;
obe politely to understand all the customer’s needs;
resent a solution for the customer to take home today;
isten for and resolve any issues or concerns;
nd with a fond farewell and an invitation to return
Apple: Defining a Generation
New ideas of how a company should be managed
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