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Redecorating Emily's Room

No description

Emily Galloway

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Redecorating Emily's Room

Redecorating Emily's Room
Main Idea
I have researched and looked at quite a few redecorating ideas. I have also switched back and forth many times trying to decide what I really want my room to look like. One thing I have noticed that has been a constant in most of my ideas is the vogue, organized and colorful, yet still very all over the place.
This includes wall colors, layout, and furniture necessities.
Organization is the key to a perfect room. Without it your room will be messy and chaotic. When your room is disorganized it makes you disorganized.
What do I mean by Vogue?
The definition of vogue is...

The prevailing fashion or style at a particular time
Everyone has their own opinion about what the latest trends and styles are. I think of it as almost a modern vintage look. The over all look is very clean and crisp, but by adding simple and colorful decorations such as a teacup or a jewelry box, it gives the room your own personal touch. With this type of room I love mixing the silvers and gold together and having lots of contrasts in textures.
One trend that I am absolutely in LOVE with is painting all the walls one color than taking one wall and painting it with a different color or if you want to be bold, do a design such as chevron, stripes, or polka dots.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when all the furniture is up against the wall.
Furniture Necessities
What do I mean by furniture necessities?
Start off with a blank
canvas :)
I personally really like chevron. So, this will be my main pattern threw out the entire room.
My idea is to paint three walls either a
pastel blue
and then paint the fourth wall white and gold chevron. (My goal is for the gold chevron to be sparkly wall paper.)
I am not saying nothing can be lined up against the wall, but when it is it makes your room look very furniture crowded. This is why it is good to have a little coffee table and having your bed face diagonally out of a corner or out of the middle of a wall.
Well, I mean a bed, a desk, a vanity, a dresser, etc.
If you ever ask me what my favorite kind of furniture is, I will always say anything white. It can be modern, vintage, or distressed. I love it all!!!
I also like patterned and mirrored furniture.
My room is not big enough for a couch, but I love the look :)
Usually I like a dresser with a mirror on it to double as a vanity.
Another great necessity for a room is a
chair or some type of seating arrangement
other than your desk and bed, One of my
favorites is a poof :)
A disorganized closet makes getting dressed so stressful.
To keep a organized desk area you must have folders, files, storage, and supply trays.
To get the most space on your clothes rod, its best to use thin non-slip hangers.
Not everybody can have a closet like this...
or this...
or this...
So, ways to make the best out of what space you have is by using multiple closet rods to hang clothes and find a rack that will fit well in your closet for shoes. Labeled storage boxes are amazing and find a laundry hamper that will fit nicely in the bottom of your closet.
When choosing boxes for closet storage, I like the ones without lids so I have easy access to everything and I like them all to coordinate in some way.
I like having all of
my desk storage and
supplies to coordinate.
It is always good
to have a trash can
around or under your
Wall Art
Curtains and Lighting
Curtains are a great way to give your windows a more personalized touch. The different kind of curtains are endless and they are also very easy to make so you can save money.
Decorating is how you personalize your room and make it your own. It gives your room color and personality.
Room Accessories
When organizing your vanity it is key to keep everything accessible and making sure like things stay together,
What I keep in my vanity
makeup and makeup brushes
nail polish
hair products
heat products
makeup bags
lotions and hand sanitizers
face wipes
Like I said, keeping like
things together make it easier to find things. So maybe keep all samples in one drawer and all eye shadows in a drawer and so on.
Nail polish racks are a great
thing to invest in. It helps
keeps your nail polishes
in good condition and
it looks very
Lighting is a must have in a room. You can get anything from a simple desk lamp to a intricate chandelier. Either way its a great way to give your room more light if don't have many windows.
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