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A change in our environment affects our identity

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Naivedh Ramcharan

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of A change in our environment affects our identity

A change in our environment affects our identity
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Our surroundings has a massive effect on our identity as we observe our environment and try to blend in. Our identity can change when we move environment as we embrace the new way of things so we can cope better to live.
In the movie Empire of the sun, Jamie who was given a nickname 'Jim' by Basie was given everything he demanded and he had Chinese workers doing everything for him back home in Shanghai. As soon as the war commenced, Jamie found himself all alone as he was separated from his parents due to picking up his toy plane in panicking crowd. He was left to fend for himself for a period of time and his number one priority was to find food and water.
Parents have an immense affect on their children’s identity. Kids are like a sponge, They absorb and model everything a parent does and incorporate what they want into their own lives. It's important that parents set the right examples for their children as negative examples can be detrimental to a child’s development and can lead to bad shaping of identity and emotions.

Jamie forgot his identity and his parents identity when he was moved to the camp in Soochow Creek. He didn't have his parents to learn from so he observed everyone else who were trading goods and even stealing which would be something he would never do in his previous environment but he had to do it.
Friends can complete change who you are as you can pick up certain behaviors form them. Our identities are based on our relationships with people around us, family, friends, the environment we live in, background and culture. Developing any sort of relationship with someone can change a person entirely such as their beliefs and thoughts and it introduces them to new perspective of things. Having a friend to always spend time with is sometimes a good thing as you can both grow up and you can choose what suits your identity the best. Sometimes a friend can be fake and they usually act like your friend if they want something out of you or if their lonely.

During the war, Basie was acting like a good friend to Jamie but he was using him to figure out some stuff on the camp like if there was land mines near the little pond. Also Basie made Jamie get his some stuff every time.
Parents effect on identity
Identity means the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. Our identity constantly changes and it is very much influenced by your environment. Such as which ever country your born in, you may pick up the accent or it can affect the way you act. Your parents might pass on genes from other generations which can make you act similar to a family member.
Definition of Identity
Thank you for listening to my presentation!
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