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Medieval Serial Killers

No description

Shelly Lehman

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Serial Killers

Gilles de
Rais Vlad the
Impaler Peter
Stumpp Elizabeth
Bathory Catalina de los Rios Country: France Years active:
1432-1440 Number of Victims:
140+ young children
primarily boys Treatment of victims:
murdered Serial Killers
of the
Middle Ages The Werewolf of Bedburg Country:
Germany Years active:
1564-1589 Number of victims:
humans - 18
animals - unknown Treatment of victims:
Women sexually assaulted
All killed
Most partially eaten Punishment:
Executed by breaking wheel "Count Dracula" "The Blood Countess" Overview:
no true criminal justice system
most were aristocrats
status let them get away with murder
led to rumors of witchcraft
said to be "vampires" or "werewolves"
generally sentenced to death, if possible Country:
(Transylvania) Years active:
1459-1463 Number of victims:
40,000-100,000 "criminals"
included actual criminals, poor people, & anyone he didn't like Treatment of victims:
Various methods of torture
- skinned
- boiled
- burned
- (but mostly) impaled Punishment:
Imprisoned by king of Hungary
Recaptured & beheaded Country:
Hungary Years active:
1603-1610 Number of victims:
400+ young girls Treatment of victims:
Bled to death for "youthful baths" Punishment:
Not allowed to be executed (royal lineage)
Sealed in castle closet & never released
Died 4 years later (1614) Country:
Chile Years active:
1623-1665 Number of victims:
40+ people Treatment of victims:
Abused & murdered Inquilinos (indentured servants/serfs)
Poisoned her father
Stabbed a priest
Tortured a lover to death Punishment:
Cases never tried
(her uncle was a judge) "La Quintrala" Punishment:
Hanged until dead Works Cited
De Rais: http://jeriwesterson.typepad.com/my_weblog/2006/11/medieval_serial.html
Vlad: http://www.hellhorror.com/killers/serial_killer/64/Vlad-Tepes-aka-Vlad-the-Impaler-Count-Dracula.html
Stumpp: http://paranormal.about.com/od/werewolves/a/The-Werewolf-Of-Bedburg.htm
Bathory: http://www.hellhorror.com/killers/serial_killer/60/Erzsebet-Bathory-Elizabeth-Bathory-aka-The-Blood-Countess.html
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