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Mastery Journey Timeline: Entertainment Business

No description

Robert O'Callaghan

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of Mastery Journey Timeline: Entertainment Business

Mastery Journey Timeline
Course 3: Project & Team Management
Course 4: Business Storyline & Brand Development
Learn how to strengthen a business through storytelling techniques.
Course 5: Entertainment Business Finance
Develop an understanding of how to raise substantial funds for a project
Course 6: Negotiation & Deal Making
Gain an understanding of how the negotiation process works, and how negotiations work in real world situations.
Course 7: Product & Artist Management
Grasp a stronger understanding of what being an Artist Manager entails.
Course 8: Advanced Entertainment Law
Obtain a solid understanding of how contracts are written
Course 9: Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution
Understand challenges in distributing media
Course 10: Digital marketing
Learn how to use digital media and resources to my advantage, to market projects
Course 11: Business Plan Development
Create a business plan to pursue a career as a producer and production company
Course 2: Executive Leadership
Establish a stronger sense of power and influence and learn how to use it in a positive manner.
Course 12: Final Project-Business Plan
Present a realistic and successful business plan to become an producer and start a production company
Research and follow examples set by Adam Sandler, who is an industry Hero.
Read article called 'Leadership:Theory & Practice' found through Koha Library link.
Offer to volunteer at The Papermill Playhouse to meet valuable connections
Course 1: Mastery- Personal Development & Leadership
Gain a solid foundation for what it takes to become a true master, not only in my mastery field, but in every aspect of my life
Understand the elements of creating a productive team
Learn how directors build teams on set by researching 'Anatomy of a Scene' link through the Full Sail Library.
Gain real world team building experience by volunteering on student films.
Read the article "Examining the Differential Longitudinal Performance of directive Versus Empowering Leadership in Teams" through EBSCOhost.
Read "The Rise of Storytelling as the New Marketing" on Business Source Complete link in library
Watch 'Branding Inspiration & Tips' on Lynda.com
Follow examples set by Innovative Media LLC, as they have created a multitude of branding strategies.
Get involved in organizations and learn how they raise funds to produce their projects.
Read "Big Screen Dreams" on Business Source Complete
Research the history of production companies to learn how they manage their finances
Contact my Acting Agent (Robyn Bryce, MSF Talent) to gain insight about her negotiation process
Apply to United Talent Agencies Agent Training Program
Apply for a position at SAGAFTRA in NYC to gain real world experience
Contact Serendipity Management for internship information
View case studies of successful Artist Management Companies
Read "Career Transition for Actors: A Program Description" on EBSCOhost
Contact these 6 industry leaders
Kathleen Conkey Entertainment Law Office Kathleen@conkeylaw.com or 212.463.0299
SAG Theatrical Contracts 323.549.6828
Bernadette McBrinn -Junior agent at Avalon Artists bernadettem@avalonartists.com
Matt D'Avella-Owner of Black Box Films matt@blackboxfilms.com or 908.303.8868
Andrew Atkin- Manager at ACM Management aatkin@acmtalent.com
Gabriella Messina- Owner of Serendipity Entertainment 212.465.2540
Research contracts on Findlaw.com
Research simple film and TV contracts at sagaftra.org/contracts
Search "piracy" at findlaw.com
Search "distribution" on 'Anatomy of a Scene' database
Read "Unkind Unwind" article on EBSCOhost
Learn how to create a website at siteground.com
watch video at lynda.com/business-training-tutorials/29-0.html
Use social media to market myself and meet those who are in the digital marketing field
Use 'Business Search Complete' as a guide to view successful businesses
Reflect upon the info learned from former classes such as 'Team management' and Business Finance'
Make connections on Linkedin with industry workers who I can pitch my business plan to.
Use visual resources (graphs, slides, etc)
Refer to 'Business Plan Development' course to advance upon notions, and put business plan into action
Use the entire FS library to my advantage, to piece together a visually appealing & intellect presentation
Read 'Mastery' by Robert Greene
Do case studies on masters who are already in my field of work
Find industry leaders in my field and learn how they obtained their status
Welcome to my Mastery Jpurney Timeline at Full Sail University. Here you will find a list of my Courses as I attain my Masters Degree in Entertainment Business. Under each course is my a goal I have set for that class as well as 3 ways I can reach it.
Greene, R. (2012). Mastery. New York, New York: Penguin Books Ltd.

Northouse, P. (2007). (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.

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Pulizzi, J. (2012, June). The rise of storytelling as the new marketing. Publishing Research Quarterly, 28(2), 116-123.
Branding inspiration & tips [Theater]. Available from http://www.lynda.com/search?q=Branding Inspiration & Tips

Freeman, M. (1995, May 1). Big screen dreams. MediaWeek, 5(18), 12.
Ormont, R. (1989, September). Career transition for actors: A program description. Journal of Counseling and Development, 68(1), 109.

Unkind unwind. (2011, March 19). Economist, 398(8725), 76.
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