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April 9 Carmageddon

No description

Tim Black

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of April 9 Carmageddon

Carmageddon II Update Node 1 2011 Carmageddon Sat. Analysis
Baseline % Chg
OVERLAND 103182 -44%
LA CIENEGA 106713 -30%
VENICE 98083 -29% Option 1: Try and Calculate Volumes
from other points on the freeway
Option 2: Use the CalTrans imputed data
Option 3: Double the one sample and count it as two. Region-wide Analysis I-405/I-10 Methodology Divided Freeway into segments by distance from closure:
40-50 Used the first randomly chosen detector with data for Carmageddon I and Carmageddon II Next Meeting

Regional Analysis - Finish 405 Analysis

Node Analysis - Will be done

Arterial Analysis - ??? Region-wide Analysis I-5 Methodology Previously: Fly-over distances from closure.
-May be unclear: from what part of closure?
-Differences between flyover and driving distance
Proposed New Methodology:
-Divide I-5 into sections by major detour routes
-Then, distances from 405/5 intersection Dynamic Analysis
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