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Animatronic engineering

No description

Ash Hainzer

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Animatronic engineering


By:Ashley Hainzer
Gateway Preiod 5

What dose an animatronic engineer do?
They design and build Animatronic
Animals for Disney
And Chuck E Cheese
Most jobs pay you $140,000 a year
(that's $70 an hour)
Who Is That?
This is Garner Holt
he Designs Animatronics @ Disney
What is the work condition?
Usually the work conditions is fairly well.
Most of the time these type of engineer work in a indoor lab.
Is there a Demand for this career?
Sadly there isnt a demand for this career.
What education do you need
You need a bacholor in science and robotics.
i truely think this will not have any impact on my future. I honestly just thought it was cool
Am i interested in this career?
I actually am i find it
Pretty cool, i'm pretty creative and it's seems actually interested in some robotics.
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