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MOA-A The Warrior Gene

No description

Jason Wilkerson

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of MOA-A The Warrior Gene

The Future of Criminology
There is a direct correlation between the MAO-A (Monoamine oxidase A) and violence in men. Women also can carry the gene but it does not seem to have the same effect.
The MAO-A gene is highest in Black males, and lowest in Asians.
Dr. Phil
Yes, that guy you see on tv. He also believes in the warrior gene and has tested people for the presence of it on his television show.
MAO-A Gene
Image by Tom Mooring
Between Races
MAO-A The Warrior Gene
Correlation with MAO-A and incarceration
59% of black males carry the gene while 35% of white males carry the gene. These numbers carry similarities with incarceration rates by race though not directly in line.
This may have an impact on how prisons deal with inmates.
If we know that our genes affect our behavior then it is possible to research solutions. There is already research being done with gene therapy.
The MOA-A gene
Biologists have been unlocking the reasons for criminal action
Will rock your mind!
Why so important?
The implications of genes having a direct influence on the nature of our personality gives new significance to the nurture vs nature argument.
If we know how to manipulate DNA should we? What if we could make everyone law abiding citizens would the world still be an interesting place to live?
Study of genes like the MAO-A gene could lead to solutions to violent crime. There may be a time that crime is prevented at birth, but is that an option that we as humans want.
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