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Kill the Press Release

Pitching Media in a New Media World

Chris Cassidy

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of Kill the Press Release

PR for Social Good: Pitching Media in a New Media World
What's the point?
How do we achieve positive coverage?
How do we learn to
pitch reporters?
What do reporters think?
We can be better.
Look familiar?
How would I want to be treated/pitched?
We need reporters to:
Open our pitches;
Read our pitches;
Reply to and report our stories; and
Publish a charitable narrative of our work.
Press release;
Build a huge press list;
Blast out the release; and
Pitch calls.
"Clearly they [most PR pros] don't know you and they're shooting in the dark."

"I get too many press releases in a day to count. At least 90% of all pitches I get are press releases."

"What's annoying is when I get a press release blasted out to the world without a clue about me or [my publication]."

"Only 10% of the pitches I receive show knowledge of my beat."

On personalized pitches: "It's way better. It's not wasting my time. I vastly prefer a personalized pitch."
Start with a better pitch list:
Personalize your pitches!
Chris Cassidy: @citizencassidy
Hustle Labs: @hustleis

Your work deserves to be seen.

How did we get here?
1906, Atlantic City:

It all began with a train wreck
What's changed since then?
Is there a better way?
What hasn't changed?

The Golden Rule
Have the body of your pitch(es) ready to paste.
Finding Emails:
Bottom of the article;
Link to their profile
Their Twitter profile
Their homepage
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