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The REAL self toasting knife

other one is Air Conditioning Shoe

Kieran Luscombe

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of The REAL self toasting knife

The Self Toasting Knife The Self Toasting Knife- Our Idea How does it work? it has two blades which can be adjusted by a a small knob for how big or small you would like the slice on the left side of the handle. There is also another knob on the right side to control the amount of heat for how you want the toast cooked.
It only cooks on the inside of the blade so it does not toast on the outside The Knife it has sensors which
activate when it
senses bread, it
activates the heat.r Business we ask of you £150,000 for 25% equity , we would use this money for advertising our product using television, and £50,000 will go toward producing masses of the product to sell to major retailers in bulk such as Tesco's and cooking shops.
we have had alot of success with our product with Tesco and other major retailers. we have decided to sell our product at a reasonable £15 thinking that it is £10 to make. The self toasting knife is a knife which has an electrical power that heats up the metal, so when cutting a loaf of bread, it can toast the bread at the same time. you can also turn off the heat so it can be used also as just a normal knife Why we are doing it? we are doing it to save time in mornings
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