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Kylie Hirchak

on 29 August 2014

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Transcript of Volleyball

Sports Information & Reporting
Basic Rules
Players are never allow to touch the net
Any part of the body above the feet can go under the net as long as it doesn't interfere with the play
Only allowed three or less hits per side
Players can make contact with any body part except feet
Only 6 players allowed on the court at a time
While serving, servers feet cannot step on the back line
Ball has to stay within the antennas
New Coach. New Beginning.
With an overall season of 11-21, there was no question that major changes needed to happen. The new head coach Brittany Cherwinka is that change. Our lady pumas finished .500 last weekend at U of Indy and Urbana for their last preseason scrimmage. Junior Sammi Hintze and assistant coach Ali Krips expressed their excitement for the upcoming season.
SJC Puma Volleyball
Head Coach: Brittany Cherwinka
Scoring and Length of Game
Best of 5 sets
First 4 sets are played to 25 points
5th set is played to 15 points
Team must win by 2 points
Teams switch sides at the games' end in sets 1 through 5. In set 5 when the leading team reaches 8 points the teams switch sides.
Points are scored when the ball hits the ground on the opponet's side, goes out of bounce, is blocked and hits the ground or doesn't cross the net.
6 players on the court at a time
Player Postions
2 Outside Hitter
Opposite Hitter
Middle Blocker
Court Postions
Right Back-1
Right Front -2
Middle Front- 3
Middle Back- 6
Left Back- 5
Left Front- 4
Sammi Hintze (Jr.)
Q: Compare last season to this preseason
Assistant Coach Ali Krips
A: Coach has a more postitive outlook and knows how to dense the team where there is no dead weight
by Kylie Hirchak
Melissa Kuhar

Knee Pads
Ankle Braces
Volleyball Court
Ast: Ali Krips
SJC Volleyball Roster
Language "Lingo"
Block- a defensive move to intercept the ball near the net
- an underhand pass using the forarms to strike the ball
Dig- underhand pass made near floor level
Dive- a low attempt to block a ball from hitting the floor
Double Block- a block at the net that is made by 2 teammates
Netting- making contact with the net while the ball is in play; results in loss of possession
Service Ace- a service attempt that directly results in a point won
Set- an overhand pass designed to allow teammates to spike the ball
Serving- the act of putting the ball into play by hitting it over the net to the opponet's side of the court
Kill- a ball hit hard into the opponet's side of the court that results in a point because it is unreturnable
Hitting %- evaluates the effectiveness of a hitter (attack attemps, attack errors, attack kills)
Kill %- player's ratio of kill attempts to kills
Side out- exchange of serve after a previous serving team fails to score
Thrown Ball- judgement made by the official when the ball momentarily is caught or came to rest
Service Order- right back postion always serves and the rotation goes clockwise
#1. Gabby Raspopovich Sr.
#2. Nora Mitros Jr.
#3. Megan Sewell Fr.
#4. Lauren Robertson Jr.
#5. Bridget Krasowski Fr.
#6. Anna Sacco Jr.
#8. Brianna Szymczak So.
#9. Kate Wagenaar So.
#10. Sammi Hintze Jr.
#11. Brianna Satoski Fr.
#13. Jackie Purcell Jr.
#14. Bailey Wori Fr.
#19. Katie Dugan So.
#21. Dana Dolehide Jr.
#22. Madyson Anthony Fr.
#33. Megan Sturm Jr.

A: Everyone's attitude has extremely improved, the coaching is better and we are improving everyday
Q: Predictions
A: We have high expectations, planning to be at least 500. We are ranked last in the GLVC so we are using that to our advantage.
Q: How are your freshmen
A: They are hardworkers & jell well with the team
Q: This season vs last season
Q: How did the scrimmage go:
A: A lot of improvement from Saturday to Sunday & learned what we need to focus more on
Q: Players to watch:
A: Junior Anna Sacco - most aggrestive hitter & blocker Junior Jackie Purcell - all-around player and Kate Wagenaar - right side hitter
Each team had 12 substitutions per set
Each player is allowed unlimited entries within the team limit
Any number of players may enter at a time and they may enter and exit the game an unlimited amount within the 12 subtitution limit
Substitution request can be made by the coach or the playing captain either verbally or using hand signals
If the sub enters the substitution zone that is considered a sub request and no other action needs to be made
The libero coming in and out doesn't count against the team's substitution count
Works Cited
Interviews from Ali Krips & Sammi Hintze
Full transcript