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No description

Alex perez

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of schooled

Dontrell is an employee at Nye's Car Wash. He lives with his brother in a rented house. He was in English class with Lionel. He had a fight with Lionel the day of basketball try-outs.

Russel, a high school freshman, was shot in a drive by shooting. His mother was never tha same after that. WShe would often say that his opportunity was taken away from him. She would tell Lionel to saty in school and tp do well.
Lionel want to be a in the NBA. Bluford High School has a basketball team which Lionel can't join because of his bad grades. He has a little sister, Kendra . Lionel misses his mom because she is in the military over seas. The family finds out that she will be gone another year. He wants to quit school becuase he thinks he is too stupid.

Jamar , a high scool drop out, died last night by falling into an open sewer drain. his family was very shocked by the news. He was very shocked by the news. He was friendly and enjoyed playing basketball at the police sponsored courts. He was very good point gaurd. He will be laid to rest on thursday.
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