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Carboxylic acids and esters

No description

Tabitha Leonard

on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Carboxylic acids and esters

carboxylic acids and esters naming carboxylic acids Number from the C=O end
name ends in 'oic acid' Properties of carboxylic acid Dissociate in water:
Form sodium salts when react with NaOH eg ethanoate Naming Esters Name the alcohol first as an 'yl' group
name the carboxylic acid part second.
name ends in 'oate'
Preparation of esters Hydrolysis of esters Use dilute sulfuric acid to break down an ester. Properties of esters non-polar
sweet smelling
commonly used as solvents, varnishes and food flavours Fats as esters
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