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Senior Project: Prevalence of Racism and Discrimination

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Monica Holmes

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project: Prevalence of Racism and Discrimination

Norfolk, Virginia
Based on your personal opinions, beliefs and knowledge coming into class today do you believe racism is still prevalent in our society?
Outline of Main Topics
Race and Politics
Race and Politics
Formation of the NAACP to repeal of Racial Justice Act
Ferguson, Missouri
“Often, African American victims, don't receive equal protection of law. A lot of black people feel that the police are not there to serve and protect them. They have very different experiences with cops than white people do.”
- Georgetown Law School Professor Paul Butler
Media Stereotypes
Is the perception of colored people in the media drastically different from that of whites?
Prevalence of Racism and Discrimination
If you think racism is still an issue stand up, if not stay seated.
Racial equality has been down a long road, but still has hills to conquer in its future.
Race and Politics
Recent situations involving race and discrimination
Media Stereotypes
South vs North
Connections to
The Color Purple
By Monica Holmes
AP Literature
Faculty Adviser Lisa Duke

Did race play a factor in the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama?

According to a survey question asked during exit polls in 37 states it’s clear that race played a partial factor in citizen’s decision for a presidential candidate.
Connections to The Color Purple
Does this highlight a negative change towards race and politics? Are we taking a step in the wrong direction?
How do we decide what is
If Michael Brown would have been a

guy would the actions and meanings have been taken differently?
South vs North
Slaves were prominent in places where cotton was abundant
This data represents 93% of 1,344 counties in the Cotton Belt
These findings highlight that White Southerners living in these areas are more likely to be Republican and express racial resentment compared with other Southerners
"Slavery Effect"
"I love children, say Sofia. But all the colored women that say they love yours is lying….Some colored people so scared of white folks they claim to love the cotton gin" (Walker 265).
"I think Africans are very much like white people back home, in that they think they are the center of the universe and that everything that is done is done for them" (Walker 155).
"Why did they sell us? How could they have done it? And why do we still love them?" (Walker 139).
"If you deny people their own voice, you'll have no idea who they were." - Alice Walker
America has undergone a great transformation since the time period of
The Color Purple
, but will we continue to transform until racism is eliminated?
Or does it even appear possible for racism to ever become
in America?
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Product: Interview with Outer Banks local
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