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The Best of Random-awards number 1

The best of the best- Random 2011!

c4 !

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of The Best of Random-awards number 1

The Best of Random Created by c4 2011 awards show Largest and the winner is... Short but sweet and the winner is... Honerable Mention: And the winner is... Funniest Segment: And the winner is... Thanks To... Everybody who voted The winners Random prezi makers, keep making random prezis! Prezi and Prezi staff for creating prezi and don't miss out on these
random prezis!
Don't miss... Randomosity
@! THANK YOU, EVERYBODY! -c4 Coolest And the winner is... Funniest And the winner is... Best and the winner is... MICE! It is truly huge. in, out, in, out. @! It is short, but so random it is crazy. The
(Randomosity) It is great. Arlene! Sploosh!
will be in our hearts forever. 4:00 On A Tuesday Afternoon They started out with a mission: to spoof everything they saw. Mission Complete. RaNDoMoSITy It is so random it makes
everybody laugh. Origanally
created by SK Star Productions,
the series was taken over ny Flipnoteproductions late febuary. RaNDoMoSITy By far the coolest when it comes to stuff like this. They are, like, cool professionals. RaNDoMoSITy It sometimes made us burst out in laughter. Welcome! Enjoy The Top
Random Prezis!
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