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Klingenstein M.A. Programs Presentation to 2012 Summer Institute

Overview of M.A. Program Options

Peter Simpson

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Klingenstein M.A. Programs Presentation to 2012 Summer Institute

Master's Degree Programs
Full Year Master's Degree Program
Two Summers Master's Degree Program
Private School Leadership
Leadership Academy
Two Week Fellowship Programs
Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers
Heads of Schools Programs
"What I didn’t expect was the personal connection that developed among faculty and students as we were given the space to deeply consider and affirm why we teach-- and what that decision means for every area of our lives.”
Dawn Jefferson, SI ‘06, Dean of Studies, Potomac School, VA
"It is the first resource I recommend for those aspiring to become administrators in our schools." Robert "Bo" Lauder, KSI '87, Principal, Friends Seminary, NY
the complexities of the classroom
the art of teaching
the delicate balance of subject mastery, judgment, intuition, and creativity
In his own words, "a little Klingon" at the Summer Institute
A full-year Klingenstein M.A. student in 2005-2006
Assistant Academic Dean at Culver and Co-Director of the Summer Institute
Excellent reputation
Accomplished faculty
Outstanding student body
The programs are designed to enhance students' knowledge, skills, values and practical experience so they can achieve their potential as leaders with independent schools.
Core curriculum at Teachers College and other schools at Columbia.
"Every single thing I've done since Klingenstein has been positively influenced by Klingenstein... I think much more about how to manage people, but more importantly, instead of just wondering about it, I actually had the tools to look for what I needed to know... This kind of experience and confidence is immeasurable."
Janice Murabayashi, Full- Year M.A., '06, US Academic Dean, La Jolla Country Day School, CA
Leadership preparation that matters
What do you learn in both programs?
How are the programs different?
Curriculum and Teaching
Cognitive Science
Dr. Michael Cooper, HDS '12, Brewster Academy
What did you like best?
"There was a component where we worked with master's candidates enrolled in Columbia's graduate program... Working with them was one of the highlights."
Up to $30,000
The Klingenstein Center works with the Admissions Office to provide need-based and merit-based awards
We work to meet your need
YOU receive credit for KSI
Transfer credits from another M.A. program to work towards an M.Ed.
In 2010-2011, 7 of 20 Full Year M.A. students were KSI alums.
In 2011-2012, 6 of 26 Full Year M.A. students were KSI alums.
Currently, 4 of 50 students in the Two Summers M.A. program are KSI alums.
Heads of Schools
School founders
Master teachers
Business executives
Division heads
Department chairs
At the Klingenstein Center, we believe that strong schools require strong leadership throughout. We dedicate ourselves to improving the quality of independent schools by developing and strengthening the leadership skills of teachers and administrators at every stage of their careers.

Create your own path as you build your skills, achieve your goals and join a network of distinguished leaders in independent schools around the world.
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