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Cuba: Viajes Ayuda

No description

Zach Ashley

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Cuba: Viajes Ayuda

Cuba: Viajes Ayuda
Cuban Comida

Cuban Sandwich
Pictures of Cuba
Famous Cubans
Fidel Castro
Dulce le leche
It's a chocolate caramel thing for lack of a better word
It's an Island it has a beach
Playa Esmeralda
The Havana Cathedral is an old, Catholic church in the heart of old Havana. It's also one of the oldest building on the island
Cuban Landmarks
Museum of Revolution
Christ of Havana
Sierra Maestra
Cuban Tamales
Old Havana
Cuban Moist Forests
Che Guevara
Rita Marley
Sammy Davis Jr. (Technically Cuban American)
Andy Garcia
He is a Cuban born
actor who starred in
movies such as
He also donates lots
of money to charity's
such as
The American
Cancer Society
He primarily plays in
movies about the mob
or cops in the prohibition
era. He had to leave Cuba
as a child because of political
issues at the time. He also has
three children.
Animals of Cuba
Cuban finch
Cuban kite
Cuban Crocodile
Cuban Boa... Gross
Eye Stripe Surgeon Fish
Amazing Facts About Cuba
-There is a giant statue of John Lennon in Havana
-There is a Chinatown found in Cuba
-Due to the shape of the island the people call it El Cocodrilo (The Crocodile)
-There are hotels only open to tourist in Havana
-Cuba is divided up into provinces
-A Havana suburb called Cojimar inspired Ernest Hemingway's
The Old Man and the Sea
-Pope John Paul II was the first pope to celebrate Christmas in Cuba in a very, very long time
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