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Heidi Paullus

A peek into my classroom and my life

Heidi Paullus

on 18 September 2011

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Transcript of Heidi Paullus

Heidi Paullus Professional skype Google Reader Social Networking Picasa classpress glogster Piknik RETC OETC ITSC promethean Google Everything plurk Personal Tech Use Web 2.0 Google Docs http://www.edmodo.com/ http://www.classpress.com/main.php http://room208solarsystem.wikispaces.com/Earth Education Ione High School
Class of 1994
Valedictorian BMCC
Class of 1996
Associates Lesley University
Class of 2011
Masters Eastern Oregon University
Class of 1999
Bachelors About Me Mom of 4 Wife Teacher
12 years and
counting.... http://stephenmachado.edu.glogster.com/galaxies/ Pinterest planbookedu out of the 12 students in the class! pentamation As a teacher I feel I have a moral obligation to help the children in my classroom

grow toward becoming full human beings and to feel successful.

Teaching cognitive skills is not enough...

-- Jean Medick ME
Twelve Years
3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th
surviving at a middle school
instructional tech coordinator for PSD
grants, cadre, committees, professional development
promethean board, expressions, itouches, slate, GPSs, video, podcasting
skype, facebook, google, plurk, wikis, blogging, 2.0 tools, digital scrapbooking
communication, creative, expression, sharing, journaling, recording
wife of an amazing man that makes me proud everyday
mother of four amazing children
on my little farm
loving life
ME As a teacher, I strive to use the tools provided to me to help my students to become useful, productive, and creative citizens in our society. With technology moving fast and education struggling to stay caught up with policies and most importantly funding, I find myself in a balancing act. I don't want my classroom to be the same as they have been, straight rows of desks, all paper/pencil and memorization of facts. I want them to learn to be productive, and take an interest in their own learning. Technology provides student with opportunities to create, develop, design, and communicate unlike any other time in educational history.
Because of this belief, I have used every opportunity provided to me to improve myself as a teacher. Exploring new sites, reading blogs from educational technology websites, writing grants, going to technology conferences and ed tech cadres....I make myself a student of the technology so that I can better guide my students into the digital world.
I have found that I am often not the expert in the room - students take what I give them and run with it, I am just the facilitator. By the end they are showing me things that I hadn't even looked at yet! Our students are digital learners, they have grown up surrounded everything electronics, they do not know life without ipods, cell phones, laptops, and internet access everywhere. They are a new generation of learners that our education is behind in understanding and it's our jobs as educators to catch up as much as we can and be there to help guide them. My philosophy
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