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No description

adam hinchcliffe

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of RUDY

Rudy's long term goals and short term goals
One of Rudy's long term goals was to become a Notre Dame football player.
one of his short term goals was to play football in high school.
another short term goal was to get out of the plant that he was working at.
another long term goal that he had was to get a education and then a diploma. Obstacles Rudy faced
the biggest obstacle Rudy faced was that his family, teachers and most of his friends told him that he was not good enough to play football and go to school for Notre Dame.
another obstacle was that he was not the biggest person or the most athletic so he had to have a lot of heart to get any where and even then he still got beat up a lot at the practices.
the hardest obstacle he had to face was losing his best friend in an accident at the factory. overcoming his obstacles
the way he over came the obstacle of people telling him that he can not do it was to show them that he could do it.
the way he over came the obstacle of playing for Notre Dame was to put in a lot of hard work on the prep team and gaining all the respect of his teammates. people that discouraged him
brothers and sisters
some of his friends
his teacher
some of his teammates on the Notre Dame football team people that encouraged him
his best friend Pete
his coach
the vicar
his teammates who am I
Rudy is a kid that does not have a lot of athletic ability but his biggest dream is to play football for the university of Notre Dame. He believes that even though he does not have a lot of skill that he can still play if he has the heart. Rudy has such a determined attitude towards playing football that he in my opinion will still go on and do great things like he did in the movie. my goals
my goals are to go to university and get a degree. also I would like to play division 1 basketball when I go to college. one of my short term goals are to get good grades in all my classes this year. another one of my short term goals is to play varsity basketball. obstacles I will face
some of the obstacles I will face will be other people trying to get the same thing. And me pushing my self to get to where I need to be. ways of overcoming my obstacles
I can overcome my obstacles by having a strong head and not getting discouraged and by pushing to be the best that I can be. people who might discourage me
other people wanting the same thing people that might encourage me
friends Who am I
I am Adam Hinchcliffe I am 15. I was born in San Sebastian, Spain on January 28, 1997. when I was just 3 months old we moved to Hong Kong, china. I lived there until I was three years old. Then we moved to Washington D.C. I lived there until 3 years ago when I moved to Houston, Texas. I believe that every one should be treated the same. I also believe that people should give other people a chance and that it is wrong to judge some by the cover with out reading the book. I think that I am going in the right direction and that I need to keep working hard and that hard work will pay off because I have big plans for going to college and making a good life for my self.
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