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Business Plan

No description

Anton Qafaiti

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of Business Plan

Market Analysis:

1) What type of restaurant do you prefer to go to in Northridge?
A) Mexican (38%)
B) Italian (30%)
C) Chinese (15%)
D) Korean (17%)

Positions at Mexiganic
Cash of Good sold 26% to 36%
Payroll to Benefit 30% to 40%
Operating Expenses 7% to 12%
Occupancy Expenses 5% to 10%
General Administrative Exp 1% to 5%
Earnings before Taxes, depreciated 0% to 20%
Creating a Mexican Restaurant in Northridge
Faruk Oyalade (CEO)
Faruk Oyalade (Marketing)
Matthew Wilson (Human Resources)
Matthew Wilson (Order of Operations)
Henry Roque (Financial)

Geographic And Demographic Segmentation
3) If you go to a restaurant what would your budget be?
A) Less than 5 (7%)
B) 5-10 (32%)
C) 10-15 (45%)
D) Greater than 15 (16%)
2) How often do you go out to eat a month?
A) Less than 4 (42%)
B) 5 (12%)
C) 6 (10%)
D) More than 7 (36%)
4) What type of service do you like?
A) Delivery to table (76%)
B) Call on number/name (18%)
C) Other ___________(6%)
Financial Statements:
Sales monthly, $3000 daily. (Revenue) $90,000
Cost of Goods bought <$25,300>
Employee Salary $10 an hour, 4 workers each $2000= $8000
Selling Exp. <$700
Depreciation, Interest, tax $500
Total variable cost = $ 34,200
General and Administrative Exp.
Franchise fees $ 40,000
Operating Expense and licence $4,300
Occupancy and Utilities Exp. $18,500
Other General Exp. + $3000 = <$65,800>
Fixed cost (65,800) + variable cost (34,200) = 100,000

Net Profit first month = Revenue (90000) – total cost (100,000 = $ -10,000

Profit after first month = revenue (90,000) – total cost (34,200) = $55,000

Marital status:
Never Married 34,854 43.4%
Married 33,177 41.4%
Widowed 1,646
Divorced 5,711
Separated 4,831

Qualifications as a Cashier
Must be over 18 years old
Pass a drug check
Pass a Background check
Have People Skills

Qualifications as a Cook

Either Experience or has some form experience from School.
They will be judge by Owners of the company on their Cooking.
Pass a drug check
Pass a background check.
Must be over 21 years old

As the company grows and the profit increase within our company we will open other positions within Mexiganic.
In the future we plan to have a food truck.
The food truck we plan to implement in the future as the restaurant will travel around from the college in Northridge (CSUN) to Pasadena and other neighboring city close by.

Ancestry and immigration
Mexican (15.0%) and German (5.4%) are the most common ancestries.
18,298 (31.8%) of residents are foreign born, about average for the city of Los Angeles and about average for the county. Mexico (24.7%) and Philippines (9.8%) are the most common foreign places of birth.

Northridge Population Demographics
Total Population 124,312
Male Population 61,222
Female Population 63,090
Female population (50.8%), Male Population (49.2%)

The breakdown was whites, 49.5%; Latinos, 26.1%; Asians, 14.5%; blacks, 5.4%; and others, 4.6%. Mexico (24.7%) and the Philippines (9.8%) were the most common places of birth for the 31.8% of the residents who were born abroad
Psychographics segmentation
Our restaurant primarily focuses on customers who are Mexicans, Mexican-americans or Mexican born, because it’s a Mexican restaurant so we expect more Mexicans than other race, and Northridge has Mexicans as the highest percentage of immigrants.
Secondly we have the coffee blends on our restaurant menu (ORGANO GOLD COFFEE) knowing that the highest consumers of coffee in america are the hispanic and white race which is 50% and 26.1% of the population of Northridge.
Thirdly, the largest economy income of Northridge (CSUN) is a 2 miles which is 5 minutes drive to the Mexiganic restaurant. CSUN employs 5,800 people directly through the university and adds another 5,700 to 6,000 jobs into the local economy

Marketing Plan
Our plans for generating publicity are really simple. Being that our advertising budget is limited, Our forms of advertisement are going to be through direct mail, online ads, and flyers.
Creating brand awareness is one of the biggest challenges for new companies. However, our restaurant will be outstanding because of the added coffee blends on our menu.

Future jobs projected in 2 years
Food Truck

Future Jobs
Mexiganic restaurant got a unique added menu different from others, which is the coffee business (Organo Gold).We also have the one day in a week of half price discount which is called taco tuesday. We will also be taking over El Taco Lama and making it our own and will also have the same details as the the previous restaurant plus more and will also be healthier.
-Business cards
-Door Hangers
-Local News Paper
Company Product
-International food supply co.
-IFS (Individual food services)
- OG (Organo gold) coffee.
Meat & Beef
Bread Tortillas
Drink, Bottles Cans
Soda fountain
Paper wrap silver wrap
Plates (dispose)
Cleaning Products
Water and Power
Maintenance and Repairs

Office supply

Needed Items!
$100,000 Capital to start the business
Equipment Power Supplies (Food)
Rent Telephone Signs
Utilities Alarm Furniture
Electricity Security Remodeling
Gas Licences
Since we are going to pay the $100,000, and our profit after the first month will be $55,000 and multiplying it by the remaining 11 months, we’ll be making $605,000 net profit for the first year. We plan to share the money equally ($18,333.3 each), but we plan to save 8000 from each of our monthly salaries for future growth and financial emergencies of the restaurant saving $24,000 monthly and $288,000 yearly, while we make $10,333 monthly and 123,996 yearly.
Net profit Monthly $55,000
1st year 55,000*11= $605,000
2nd year (10% increase monthly)
60,500*12= $726,000
3rd year (15% increase)
financial yearly projects
$34,200 ( Monthly expenses)
- $55,000 (Net Income)
$20,800 Break Even

Company Low Prices Near Schools Near Mall Healthy Food
Taco Bell
Yes No No No
King Taco
No No No No
Yes Yes No No
Yes Yes Yes Yes
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