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Career After College

No description

Kira Oerman

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Career After College

What should you wear?
What to do beforehand...
What Will Be Happening?
Discussions with Representatives from different companies

Opportunity to ask employers questions

Employer displays
Helpful Resume Tips
Make sure your resume is clearly written and emphasizes relevant education, skills and experience
Only include true and accurate information
Make it attractive
A good font to use is Times New Roman for print resumes
Make sure it is professional
Be consistent in your style and format
Go over the
Creating An Effective Resume
PowerPoint presentation located on UCC's Career Network web-page
Why Should You Go?
You will have the opportunity to network with employers and gather information that will be helpful to you when applying for jobs
Learn which qualifications are necessary in achieving employment
Learn about potential career opportunities within organizations and/or industries
Professional development
Practice communication skills
Receive job search feedback from industry partners
Career After College

April 16, 2014

Before you come....
Create a Resume!

Utilize the resources available to you on campus
You can make an appointment with Kira Oerman (541-440-4677) to go over your resume
What to do beforehand....
Identify Participants

Obtain a list of participating companies by going to
(a list will be available before the event)

Create a list of the companies you would like to visit and research these companies/employers
Prepare Questions
Think about what you would like to ask the employers
What is your idea of a successful candidate?
What skills are necessary?
What qualifications are needed to procure a position?
How do I submit a resume and application?
What to do beforehand...
Create Your Elevator Speech
Create a brief, 30 second commercial about your self. Include:
Name, major, graduation date,
Qualifications and skills
Interest in the Organization
Thank them for their time

What To Do Before The Event......
Create Your Elevator Speech
Create a brief 30 second commercial about yourself, including:
Your Name, Major, Graduation Date
Qualifications and Skills
Interest in the Organization
Thank them for any information
Example: Hello, my name is ______. I'm a college graduate with an Associates Degree in Business Management. I'm looking for an opportunity that utilizes my degree. I am hoping to help a company succeed in managing and providing specific services to clients everywhere.

The Day of the Event...
What To Bring:

Your Confidence and a Smile :)
The Day of the Event...
Talking to Businesses....

Make sure you have a firm handshake, good eye contact and posture, and smile.
Ask questions that highlight your investigation and interests- show that you have done your research!
Examples of Questions:
What positions are available in your organization?
What type of educational background are you looking for?
What are the skills and attributes you most value in your employees?
What are the biggest challenges within the positions that are available?
Are there any opportunities for advancement?
What types of training programs, if any, do you offer?
What advice would you give me if I wanted to break into this field?
How did you get involved with this industry/organization and what keeps you involved?
What do you enjoy most about working for this company?
May I contact you with further questions?
The Day of the Event...
Talking to Businesses......

Express to them your interest
Offer your resume but don't feel offended if they can't accept it at the event. Find out how and where you can get it to them
Find out what the next steps should be
Thank them for coming to the event
If they have business cards- GET THEM!
The Day of the Event...
What You Should Not Do:

Don't come dressed as if you just rolled out of bed; no sweats, pajamas, hats, torn clothing, flip-flops, or tennis shoes.

Do not monopolize the companies time; ask questions you need to ask but be mindful of other students

Do not instantly grab free giveaway items

Do not answer your cell phone or text messages
Follow-Up After the Event

Write a thank you note to anyone you had a prolonged conversation with (this may be the time to send a cover letter or a resume)

If able to apply for a position, follow up per the instructions you were given
For More Information....
Contact Kira Oerman, Perkins Career Network Specialist, located in the Administration Building

If you don't have business professional attire, wear business casual.

For men, this includes:
Pressed khakis or dark pants, long-sleeved shirts (tucked in), leather shoes
For women, this includes:
Casual pants or skirts, generally solid colors. Skirt should come to your knees while standing
Tailored shirts, blouses, or sweaters
Conservative jewelry
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