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Industrial Revolution ranieri

No description

emily sayre

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution ranieri

Diesel Engine - Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine

- It was smaller and lighter then the traditional engines

- Its efficiency was 75%compared to the efficiency of the steam of only 10% it was definitely a better engine.

- It was used to power cars, trucks and boats, as well as power pipelines, electric and water plants, and in mining, factories and oil fields. Telegraph - Samuel F. B. Morse was the inventor

- It was used to send messages over a long distance to communicate

- Morse code was a series of clicks that had a coding system to send messages through the telegraph to the receiving end

- It made it easier to communicate faster with people First Airplane - The brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first flying airplane

- The plane was made based off of the way birds fly

- First they hadto make a glider (no engine) and see if that flew, then they created the flyer which was powered by an engine.

- This changed the way of transportation and military advantage Sewing machine - Elias Howe created the sewing machine

- The sewing machine had made furniture to clothing

- Clothes were made cheaper making high end tailor lower their prices

- Clothes were massed produced and made faster after the sewing machine was invented

- There were multiple inventions of the sewing machine but Elias was the only one person that made money off of it The Assembly Line - Henry Ford invented the assembly line

- The assemble line made it able to produce model T's (cars) cheap so they would be able to be reached by every citizen.

-The assembly line created jobs for many people because it takes a lot of people to assemble a car by hand.

- It changed transportation making it faster and able for every one Industrial Revolution Technology of the
Industrial Revolution
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