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No description

Erick Lara

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Cisco

The problems Piracy movies makes
companies losts of money The boys are bored to
play the same games the video games have a
violent content Classes on school are also bored Because they're not interactive This makes Here are examples of countries leading piracy market, and the amount of losts = End! Erick Lara Abarca
Luis Fernando Carvajal
Vincent Pouderoux
Omar Ruelas Customer Segments:
Many people can benefit from this new way of entertainment:
-young people or video games addicted can play in these cinemas, fighting against each other or against other cinemas in the world.
-student can use this new way of learning.
-cinema enthusiast will be able to find a new way to watch a movie.
Revenue streams:
Here our product is attractive since in our mind Cisco will be the only seller of this type of equipment so in a monopoly.
So Cisco will sell his equipment to cinema but he can take also a commission to firms who want to develop new movies or video games. Also he can directly sell the development software to developers. Finally he can sell advertisement on games or in this cinemas.
Cost Structure:
To provide all this equipment Cisco need to make some research that will be his main cost but then there will be probably cost of making, distribution and advertising.
Key resources:
To succeed in this project Cisco needs god engineer who will create equipment that listen gamers expectation and in the same time equipment which is easy to use for people who don’t use to play with interactive devises. Cisco needs also Money to make research on their future product.
Key activities:
Cisco has to be aware of new trends and has to listen gamers that know things about video games in order to answer their expectations because they will be the main target in this project. Moreover Cisco needs to create a way of entertainment really different even if the project could be sum up un a mix between cinemas and video games Cisco need to provide new technology products to make this special cinema a real experience to the customer and not only “a way of having fun between cinema and video game”.
Key Partner:
Cisco need to create link with:
a.Cinemas to sell his product, so example of complex like Cinemax, Cinepolis, etc…
b.Developers companies which make video games like Ubisoft, Microsoft, etc…
c.Movies creators like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc…
d.Documentary creators like History channel or Geography channel.
We will use traditional distribution channel selling our product directly to cinemas as a devise of modernity for their complex.
•Value proposition:
We would like to create new generation cinemas where the public can interact with the screen a new way of entertainment which mix cinema and video games.
We think that Cisco should build or sell all the equipment to build these cinemas where the customer, setting in a special seat equipped with technological devises to interact with his own screen and with the big screen in front of him like in a cinema, so the customer will be able to watch interactive movies or play video games. Furthermore these cinemas will be able to help student with interactive lesson more attractive and interesting than normal way to learn.
Target market

Age: 7-60
People that needs a new way of entertainment and learning.
Entertainment Business (New ways to play games and watch movies).
Schools (New ways of learning).
Satisfy needs

With this new business idea can meet many needs, both for consumers and for various businesses.
On the one hand, we find the idea of meeting people's learning through an interactive system, which is fun for them and do not suffer from boredom. It is important to mention that the film industry today has many lost money because of piracy. That is why this new form of entertainment, purchase of piracy will reduce and sales in the cinemas will rise considerably.

We can see that today, the forms of education taught in schools are outdated and ineffective, and that is why this need for learning with children, may be delivered in a fun new way for better development staff as well, it will show a greater interest in learning

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