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Compare and Contrast: Russia and Europe

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morgan gautreau

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast: Russia and Europe

Russia's Climate
Russia's climate is humid continental, subarctic, and tundra.
Russia's Physical Features
Russia's physical features consist of mountains and plains. Some of Russia's physical features can be known as the North European Plain, West Siberian Plain, and some of the mountain ranges are the Ural Mountains, Caucasus Mountains and even the Yablanovy Mountains,
Europe's Physical Features
Europe's physical features consist of rivers, mountains, peninsulas, and even some plains. Some of the physical features are the Danube River, Rhine River, Mediterranean Sea, the Alps, the Pyrenees, the European plain, and the Iberian and Scandinavia peninsulas.
Russia's Government
Europe's Climate
Europe's climate is a marine west coast climate along with a tundra Mediterranean and subartic.
compare and Contrast: Russia and EUrope

Russia's government consist of a federation, prime minister which is a chairman of the government, the deputy prime minister, and the federal ministers.
Europe's Government
Russia's Natural Resources
Russia's natural resources consist of oil, gas, coal, and timber.
Europe's Natural Resources
Europe's natural resources consist of oil, natural gas, gold, and uranium.
Russia's Ethnic Groups
Russia has more than 80 percent of ethnic Russians, the Slavs, Turkic peoples, and Caucasian peoples.
Europe's Ethnic Groups
Russia's Vegetation
Russia's vegetation varies from mountains to trees to forest to grass. A few types of Russia's vegetation is deciduous and coniferous trees, shrubs, short grass, and another example can be wooded steppe.
Europe's Vegetation
Comparisons between Russia and Europe
Certain countries in Europe is ran by a political and economic union. The European Union is a political partnership that covers between 28 Russian countries that together cover much of the continent.
Russia and Europe both have a subarctic climate at times. They also have very similar vegetations. They both have deciduous and coniferous tress, shrubs, and mountains. They both have some kind mountain range and peninsula as their physical feature and they also share oil and gas as a similar natural resource.
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