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Roadmap to 2015 projects

No description

manuel figueroa

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Roadmap to 2015 projects

Customer segmentation and analysis
Personalize Content
Process Operation and Maintenance
Main strategy components
Roadmap to 2015 projects
+ website maintenance
+ new CMS
+ mails and reports to support new and specialized sales processes

will require additional resources for this activity
resources to support system engineering (-1)
no or reduced external services
headcount (-2)
Reduce cost will have impact
BI database and model to support more granular customer view
Traffic database linked to SF, Content and Customer data
Improved database data quality
Landing pages for sector
Customer segmentation and analysis
Change the CRM data model to support categories
Add dimensions to customer information
Include this dimensions in analysis

BI model
Implement glossary blurb for closed content and tag synonyms
Implement landing pages for search expressions

over the new Free Site

Concept based in Topic page
topic glossary
saved search based content & notification
SEO initiatives
Implement profiling algorithm to define traffic based recommendations
per user
per sector
per company

Traffic Database
Mobile site
Corporate page
New sector page (per sector/type/activity)
Push delivery model

Personalize content
Top & Breaking
Recommended content
Mobile site
Topic page like the landing for SEO
Pre-configured Search
Aggregates content for relevant terms (curated)
phase 2: recommended content according to segment traffic
New Segment Page
Data for projects & companies like Captcha
sales, dates, competition, employees
Polls will give more specific content for segments and data
like project opportunities in <sector> for <type>
Personal profiles
Company profiles and Project profiles filled by companies themselves
the ones who do will have highlited place in the site
User generated content
Continue with sales & traffic datamart project
Create dimensions in SF
Create dimensions en sales datamart
Select tool & populate
Data quality
Aggregated content
Aggregated news
Sourced public data & info
User generated content & data
Corporate page
Customized dashboard for companies
Video as part of CMS
More content
Landing pages for search expressions
CRM Segmentation
Identifiying customers in segments (sector/type/activity)
Giving everyone exactly what they want
Spending face to face time with the leaders
Topic page per segment
More content for segments
Giving customers what they want

: allows us to look for more specific content and deliver to segments

User generated data:
use customer knowledge to build our insight database

Trials per segment:
Look for specific per segment seach expressions to attrack better trials
RISK: process control
Project lineup for 2015 (proposed) (mainly for Q1 & Q2)
SF CRM structure
Traffic CRM structure
SAP migration

SF process per segment
Sales & Traffic datamart

Campaing metrics
CRM data quality

SEO (mauricio)
Topic 1.0 and glossary
Mobile (could be more than Q1)
end of free site

Topic 2.0 (Segment page)
Aggregated content DB
Aggregated content for segments (search terms per each one)
Curation and tags
Risk v.2

Country page
User generated data
Contractors profiles

Recommended content
Corporate page
Customized company portal
Highlight contractors thay fill their own page (notification and feed)

Automatic segmentation per traffic
Corporate page

Pendiente o nuevas ideas:
Data aggregation
Perfiles de personas
Loggeo con cuenta de LinkedIn para trial y para members

Aggregated content
Crawler to gather news sets for different segments, clients, etc.
Crawler to harvest data from several sources. Semi-automate download, tag, classify and curate info from publicly available data to data sets.
New Customer View
More granularity


Require new Data in sales process, lead process and trials
New trial form
New trial process
New trial communications (mails and "newsletter")
New form to register
¿new landing page?
New mails and communications
Change data model
Correct data filtering options and data entry options
Change SF company profiles to support
Change process according to size
Reasignment rules and terms
Process and management
SAP upgrade
SF process enforcement
Process monitoring
Process metrics
SAP upgrade
Quoting providers for version upgrade
Develop SAP/SF/Adm. de productos integration
SF data quality check ensure SAP data is ok
SF process enforcement
Daily reports by Campaign Management
Leads as Campaigns
Reassignment of not contacted or ill managed prospects/opportunities
Process monitoring
Call time
Process stages/consistency
Pipe health
Call time report
Per stage opportunity management (this report already exists, we are reviving it)
Funnel shape model
who will manage consistency?
Lead Gen (Campaign Management)
1. Trial as primary source of leads
all should be called
new data model to support improved segmentation
SEO should increase the number
2. Guest are leads too as trials
3. PR based in Netword DB mining (SF, CP, PP, e.)
more analytical tools required
new data model to support segmentation
Sales portfolio
1. New sales will have a 300 opportunities portfolio
2. Opportunities will be replace with fresh leads as the opportunities are closed, given
funnel is been worked properly
opportunies are worked timely
3. Unattended opportunities will be reassigned
4. Funnel shape will be measure
1. Call time
will continue with this report and reviewing low calling averages, per group and individually
2. Opportunity funnel shape
will start 01.01.15 with metrics about relative number of opportunities own the funnel, highlighting abnormal shape (per group or individually)
3. Will restart the usage of opportunity evolution report to detect unattended opportunities
DB purchase
only considering if they add value to our network
to date data
to populate specific segment
SF is the only tool to manage & register pipeline, opportunities and activities, if it's not in SF it doesn't exist
Leads will work in synch with sales campaing strategy
specific sales strategy has to be declared in advance to coordinate with SEO and Lead Gen so they can work properly
each campaing aimed to a specific segment i.e. Contractors Mining Mexico from USA
Leads will use the new data model to classify and organize the Network

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