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The Homework Machine

No description

Caitie Ciampaglia

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of The Homework Machine

Form Finder
A definite rhyme scheme, with the patter of AABBCCCCDC
The mood is full of wonder and laced with imagination
This poem is a Narrative poem, a Theme poem, and a Lyric poem.
Some poetic devices that are used in
The Homework Machine
are; imagery, adjectives, and irony
Theme Finder
The theme of this poem has to do a lot with imaginition, invention and reality.
Sometimes in life you are let down by a task you may think will work out perfectly
This definitely relates to reality because kids are always trying to get out of doing their homework. Therefore, this poem is very much targeted to children audiences.
Background Finder
This poem was published in the book
A Light In The Attic
along iwth 131 other poems. This book was published by Harper and Poe in 1981.

The Homework Machine
is a poem for many ages but, is particularly targeted to children or people who are young at heart.
This poem was written by Shel in the United States of America.
Image Finder
While reading
The Homework Machine
some images that come to mind are;
A little boy with a huge pile of homework
A big invention
A child dreaming of how to make a wonderful machine to complete his homework
A boy trying to build a very whacky machine.
The Homework Machine
By: Shel Silverstein
Veronica, Caitie, Cameron, Brayden
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