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The Steps to the Scientific Method

No description

Cotton Candy

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of The Steps to the Scientific Method

The Steps to the Scientific Method
What is the Scientific Method?
What is the Scientific Method? That's a great question! The Scientific Method is a procedure scientists use to solve a scientific problem. Today, I will be explaining the steps to the Scientific Method.
Step One
To begin with, the first step the Scientific Method is to think up a problem that can be solved through an experiment. For example, say I wanted to find out how many of each color M&M's are in a bag. That would be my problem, and also the first step.
Step Two
Moving on, step two would be to make a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction, or a fancy name for what a scientist might think about something, but without any real proof. For instance, my hypothesis is that I think that there may be 4 red M&Ms in a bag. I don't know for sure, but I am making a hypothesis.
Step Three
Additionally, the third step would be to make the experiment. An experiment is kind of like a test to see what happens, or to test a theory. In other words, you need to open up your M&M bag and count how many there are of each color. You are conducting the experiment. Also, the thing that you are using to do the experiment is called your variable. A variable is basically the thing that you are experimenting on. In this case, it would be the M&Ms.
Step Four
In addition, step four would be to analyze your results. Basically, this means that you need to add up your M&M colors. While your doing that, you're analyzing your data. Also, the total number of grouped colors you get will be your answer. In other words, it is your results.
Step Five
Now that you have analyzed your data, you need to make an observation. An observation is something you notice or see about your experiment or data. For instance, you can make an observation that one group of colors of M&Ms may be bigger than another group.
Step Six
Now that you have completed most of the procedure/steps to the Scientific Method, you need to make a conclusion, or answer. How many groups of colors were there? How many M&Ms were in your bag? These are all questions you may want to include in your conclusion.
Step Seven
Now that you have finished your experiment, you have your results. Also, you might want to try and repeat the steps so you will have a correct answer. The M&M pack may have different amounts of colors.
As you can see, you have learned the steps to the Scientific Method. There are many steps, and if you are ever confused about an experiment, try to remember the procedure. Congratulations!
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