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yellow fever2

No description

Jacob Humphreys

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of yellow fever2

blood bag holding one pt. of blood
We predicted that vaccinating mosquitoes using blood bags will stop the spread of Yellow Fever.
Why is this important?
What is the Virus?
Areas at Risk
Yellow Fever
The plague that escaped a cure.
Our Hypothesis:
Our Problem:
What is the best way to prevent Yellow Fever?
What is the Yellow Fever Life Cycle?
This virus' cycle alternates between the African monkey, the mosquito, and the humans.
There are three types of transmission cycles:

1.Sylvatic 2.Intermediate 3.Urban
How Does the Blood
Bag Work?
The blood bags would have blood mixed with a vaccine in them.
The mosquitoes would be attracted to the bags using natural pheromones.
After drinking the blood from the bag, the mosquitoes would not be able to host the virus.
It is a simple and natural way to stop the mosquitoes from spreading the Yellow Fever.
When a virus-hosting mosquito bites
a human it then attacks a cell. The virus, instead
of killing the cell, takes complete control
over it. Once the virus/cell reaches the liver
it then tries to hijack it thus causing
the bilirubin in the cells not to be tagged. This creates
a snowball effect and causes symptoms
such as jaundice and internal bleeding.
Yellow Fever appears mostly in northern South America and central Africa. There are also some places in Asia, Australia, and North America.
Yellow fever virus is a positive-sense, single-stranded, ribonucleic acid (RNA) ̶ enveloped flavivirus with a diameter of about 50-60 nm.

The blood bags would be inexpensive and would only make it so the mosquitoes could not carry the virus.
The blood bag uses natural pheromones to attract the mosquitoes to it
The blood in the bag is inoculated with a vaccine.
The vaccine prevents the mosquito from carrying the virus.
There is an estimated amount of 200,000 cases of Yellow Fever with about 30,000 deaths each year. If we are able to find a way to prevent the Yellow Fever, it will help us save thousands of lives.
How does the virus
damage the body?

High fever
Back pains
Black vomit
Internal bleeding
Almost 50% of victims die
What is a
Blood Bag?
Pig or cow
Vaccine in blood
Mosquitoes drinking the blood
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