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Zotero - An information Reference Tree

Getting acquainted with Zotero -JBugyi Summer 2010-IDT551-35W Evaluating Information

John Bugyi

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Zotero - An information Reference Tree

an information reference tree. Zotero is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, cite, and share your research sources. You gather information from web references to add to your library. You can join groups to share that information, and connect with other classmates on research projects. Screen shots and information the homepage
make learning to use the plug-in simple. The plug-in is simple to install. Once the plug-in is ready, you close out of your browser and relaunch Firefox, and its ready to use. Zotero can be accessed from the bottom of your browser. Here you can organize and edit you stored information. The library connection in your browser makes it easy to locate and upload your information. Drag and drop bibliographies anywhere: into an email, a blog post, or any word processor
Drag and drop items into collections and tag them with terms relevant to your needs.
Store related PDFs, files, images, and links in your library. The downside to this plug-in is it only works with Firefox, and locating and information on how to use and manage the information is a little overwhelming. After spending time using the tool and interacting with its functions, you will be able to build a strong knowledge of the application. I chose to collect information on CSS Website Design tools and tips. I enjoy using this web language and am always needing to reference information in the field. Group collections make gathering information for group collaborations and class projects easy. You can drag and drop your information in to the group folders for use by everyone. Zotero's interface allows you to quickly organize your research sources.
Drag and drop items into collections and tag them with terms relevant to your needs The information can be adjusted to display specific information for you content. You can update this information with your web browser tool. Zotero’s Microsoft and Open office plug-in, allows you to cite and store information while you work on your research.
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