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Freak The Mighty: Book vs Movie

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Bella Culp

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Freak The Mighty: Book vs Movie

Freak The Mighty: Book vs Movie
Bella Culp
What is Freak The Mighty?
Freak the Mighty is a story about two kids who are both very different and become friends. Kevin (Freak) is physically disabled while he is very, very intelligent. Max is big and tall while he is learning disabled, and lives with his grandparents because his father killed his mother and is now in jail. The two come together as friends to become Freak The Mighty.
I enjoyed reading the book over watching the movie because in the book, you could see how Max was feeling. The book also went into more detail, for example, at some parts in the movie, it was a bit confusing to understand what was happening if you didn’t read the book. If I had to change one thing in the book, I would choose to include more of Freak the Mighty’s adventures, because as a reader you can only read about a few, and they say that they had a lot of adventures together.
One similarity is that when Max comes home in the police car from the firework show, after he “saved” Kevin, Grim gave him coffee as a reward. It showed that Grim thought Max was becoming an adult.
Another similarity is when Max is with his dad in the New Testaments, he is tied up. This is important because it showed that Killer Kane doesn’t trust his own son not to run away from him.
The fourth similarity is when Grim and Gram argue about having a gun. This is important because it shows the fear Grim has of Killer Kane going after them.
The final similarity is the way that Max dealt with his depression after Kevin passed. He wrote in the empty book about Freak the Mighty’s adventures. This showed that Kevin taught Max to read and write, and that Max was smart.
The first similarity is when Freak the Mighty returns Loretta’s purse. This shows that Max isn’t just like his dad, he has his mother’s heart.
One difference is when Loretta gave Max the pliers to escape from the rope ties in the movie, and she actually untied him in the book. This makes a difference because in the movie, Max breaks the radiator and that causes a distraction to Killer Kane. In the book, Max can hit and try to fight his dad to save Loretta.
The third difference is when Freak gets knocked down in the gym by Tony D. and Tony blames it on Max. This created a hatred for Max by Kevin, so it took longer for Kevin to trust him. In the book, none of this happened and they could become friends easier.
Another difference is that Kevin was Max’s tutor in the movie, and was not in the book. This made a huge difference because he could see how mentally disabled Max was, and he was able to help him more.
The fourth difference is that in the book, Freak told the police where Killer Kane might be hiding Max, but in the movie, Freak went after kane himself. This made a difference because, being crippled, it made it more difficult for Freak to go after him, and it was more risky. Another reason is that it took a while for the police to get to the scene, and Killer Kane wasn’t blinded anymore (in the movie) and he almost gets away.

The first difference is when in the movie, Tony D. goes after Max on the bus ride. In the book, Max just explains who Tony D. is, he doesn’t get messed with. This is important because it gives you a look at what and who Tony D. ( or Blade) is. For example, if we didn’t get that look at Tony D., and they just skipped right to the fireworks scene, you wouldn’t know that Tony D. does that regularly.
Kevin (Freak)
Killer Kane
The Doghouse Boys
Iggy Lee
Loretta Lee
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