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Practical Matters

No description

Elizabeth Windham

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Practical Matters

Fall 2013
Alison Jackson, OGS Adviser
Created by Elizabeth Windham, former Graduate Program Assistant

Office of Global Services:
Practical Matters

Topics discussed

Maintaining status
Social Security Card
Opening a bank account
Topic 1:Complete OGS Check in:

Maintain valid F-1 or J-1 status
Register as a Full-time student
Update U.S. Address in Albert
Topic 2: Social Security Number
SSN is for
tax Purposes
Must have either On-Campus Job or Off Campus work authorization
You are now eligible for On-Campus Job

not eligible for off campus until F-1/J 1 Status for one academic year
If working on campus must registrar in Glacier
Please follow Us:
What should I Bring?
Where do I apply?
Queens, or
Good Luck!
Topic 3: Opening a Bank Account
Topic 4: Phones
Topic 5: Drivers License or Non-Driver photo ID Card
Topic 7: Did you know?
Most are not eligible for off-campus until in F-1/J-1 status for at least two semesters
If working on campus --> register in GLACIER
I-20 or DS-2019
OGS SSA job letter
For J-1s: Sponsor's work authorization letter
Basic services
Checking/Saving accounts
Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
Online banking
How Often will you go to ATM?
Are there fees for using another ATM?
How soon can you access your money?
Questions to ask yourself
1) Passport
4) NYU Certificate of Enrollment (25 W. Fourth Street)**
Shows Local U.S Address and is proof of attendance
Credit cards
Separate division of a bank
Most credit cards require SSN
Build up credit history
Protect yourself from Identity Theft
Update cell number via Albert after you get a cell phone
Now what?
Phone Options
Does not require SSN or Contract
Good for short time in USA
Requires SSN and Contract
Common Cellphone Providers
Calling cards
Bought at convenience stores
Home Telephone Services
Call Phone Company to set up land line
Application Procedures
Apply in person at the Department of Motor Vehicles
Bring 1-20 or DS-2019
Passport and 1-94 Card
Bring SS card or Letter from the Social Administration stating you are not eligible or ask OGS Adviser during office hours
Review the 6-point Identification Verification
**NY will require you to surrender your foreign license
No Smoking
NYU shuttle and buses
Subways: Sometimes there are security checks and do not jump the turnstile
Bars, Restaurants and public parks
15-20% customary at restaurants/hair salons/taxi
1$ per bag at airport/hotels
Debit Cards
Directly withdraws from your account
No interest fees but overdraft fees
Help to control spending
Alternative to cash and credit cards
Online options
turn off your

Opening an Cell Phone Account
Applying for a drivers license or non-drivers ID
Off campus housing
More practical tips
Debit Cards
Helps to control your spending
Alternative to Cash or credit
Directly withdraws funds from your bank account
No interest fees but overdraft fees
What should I bring?
TOPIC 6: Student Resource Center
Off-Campus Housing information
No Cell Phone= Send email registration@nyu.edu
*students who are in professional schools should check their schools
Get certificate of enrollment
Call or visit vendors
Use OGS reference guide
Drivers license = Operating a vehicle
Non-Drivers Photo ID
New York Drivers License
New York honors license issued by other nations if you remain a resident in that nation
International Driving Permits= is only a translation of your license and does not allow you to drive
You still need a U.S. Drivers License to drive
Non-driver photo ID card
New Jersey Driver license
60 days = NJ resident
Are you a resident yet?
Students from other states or from other nations who attend school in New York State are not considered residents
Helpful as proof of identity for renting or gaining entry to venues
Application Process
**Professional schools must go to their school's registrar
2) I-94 3) I-20 or DS-2019
25 W. Fourth Street
2nd floor of 60 Washington Sq South
Don't drink alcohol in public
You can be arrested.
Welcome Week Events
Spring at the Square
Questions about NYU
Questions about NYC
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