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LibGuides 2

No description

Jean Walker

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of LibGuides 2


Request test site from mid-December on; ours requested Jan 5th

Springshare will assist us with migrating our content to LibGuides 2

We will need to tidy up some content and think about changes we can make with new features
Easily share and organise images within LibGuides

Images can be moved around in folders without affecting links
Image manager

Submit for review status
Allows guide authors to alert colleagues to guides needing review

These can then be reviewed and published in the new 'Publishing Workflow' area
Traditional tab navigation
Side navigation
'Previous' and 'Next' buttons at the bottom of each page

Useful for content that should be viewed in order (online tutorial series)?
No mobile version
introducing ...
column spanning boxes!
FIRST BOX: SPANs 2 Columns!
Next boxes: in 2 separate columns!
Mixed-column layouts also possible:
- create two pages with different layouts, then select 'display as single page'
Hard-coded image and video widths may need changing

Links will need checking and then updating on the new site, not the old one
fewer box types
standard boxes:
Mixed content - have an RSS feed next to a standard link, then a piece of rich text, then a book from the catalogue all in the one box
tabbed boxes:
Work like the tabs on a standard libguide layout, but within a box
gallery boxes:
Displays a swipeable, browseable collection of images within a box

Similar to news carousel on the Library website; links can be inserted; could be used for events like workshops or new books
gallery boxes:
draft mode
for boxes
Add a box to a guide without making it immediately visible
Click here
new pic!
database a-z list
Springshare can use an output file to create our basic list

We can also add/edit/delete database assets manually

Friendly URLs for databases mean that URL will remain the same regardless of link changes
database a-z list
Add icons to
database links
easily tag as new or trial resource then create lists of these as needed
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