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My first prezi

Moustafa Mahmoud

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Brainstorming

Proposed variations
& modification
Research & (-ves)
In General
1) Focus on quantity
2) Withhold criticism
3) Welcome unusual idea
4) Combine & improve ideas
Defer judgment
Reach for quantity
Brain storming groups
01) Comfort enviroment
02) Facilator
03) Ice breaking
04) Define the problem clearly
05) Give plenty of time
06) Fair opportunity to contribute
07) Encourage to develop
08) Encourage an enthusiastic, uncritical attitude
09) Ensure no criticizes or evaluates ideas
10) Let people have fun brain storming
11) Ensure that no train of thoughts
12) In long sessions , take plenty of breaks
Having fun
End solutions
Research make modifications
Sources of Brainstorming inadequacy
specific brainstorming situations
Brainstorming further modfications
1) Step ladder technique
2) Brain writting
3) Brain-neeting
4) Crawford's slip approache
1) Reverse brainstorming
2) Star brusting
Who - what - why - where - when - how
3) Charette procedure
4) Round-Robin brain storming
1) Nominal group tech.
2) Group passing tech.
3) Team idea mapping method
4) Electronic brainstorming
5) Directed brainstorming
6) individual brainstormming
7) Question brainstorming
How to use the tool ?!
Agenda :
Creative methods
Myths about creative thinking
Mental block to creative thinking & problem solving
Problem solving
Problem ?!
Solution ?!!
General guide line for problem solving
Creative thinking techniques
Critical thinking VS Creative thinking
Creativity methods
Changing direction
Myths about Creative thinking & problem solving
Every problem has only one solution
The best solution has already been found
Creative answers are comlex technologically
Ideas either come or they don't , nothing will help
Mental block to creative thinking
Functional fixation
learned helplessness
psychological blocks
Problem solving
General guide lines for problem solving
problem exploration
Goal establishment
Idea generation
Idea selection
Creative thinking techniques
Random input (Free association)
Trigger Concepts (Idea seed-Random seed)
Problem reversal (Negating)
Forced Analogy
Metaphorical thinking
Analogy & Metaphor
Attribute listing (Attribute analysis)
Morphological Forced connections
(morphological analysis )
Manipulative verbs
Six thinking hats
Ask questions
Mind maps
The discontinuity principle
Used for
Improvments to
What iffing
Fuzzy thinking
Unconscious problem solving
In the recalm of the senses
The triz method
Drawing & visual thinking
Pattern language (Ideatones)
Assumption smashing
yourself to many possible solution
the best solution
it into action effectively
Lotus blossom
Left & right creativity (LARK)
Moving 2 matches from the following figure you will obtain 4 squares. One of these squares must be larger than the other 3
There are 10 socks for each of the following colour: blue, green, red, yellow and white. There are 50 socks in all. If they are placed randomly in the drawer (i.e., not in pairs or any other grouping) and you have been blindfolded, which is the minimum number of socks that you have to pick up from the drawer in order to be sure you have at least 2 socks of the same colour?

In the previous situation, how many socks you have to pick up in order to be sure you have at least 2 socks of different colours?

You stand outside a room which is thoroughly sealed and insulated. Externally, in front of you, there are three switches: only one of these turns the light on inside the room, while the other two do not work.

You must discover which is the working switch. You may make as many attempts as you want with the external switches, but you may enter the room only once to check your supposition. What would you do?

A man lives at the 10th floor of a building. Every day he takes the lift to go down on the ground floor in order to go working or shopping. When he comes back, he takes the lift up to the 7th floor and then climbs the stairs to reach his flat on the 10th floor. This man hates walking and climbing the stairs, but then why is he doing this?

The man is not following a prescription from a physician or other people
When it rains, the man takes the lift up to the 10th floor

A man enters a pub and asks the barman a glass of water. The barman draws a gun and points it at the man. The man thanks the barman and gets out.

The man is really grateful to the barman
The barman is not crazy, on the contrary he is very intelligent

A man dies and goes to Heaven. There are thousands of other people there. Everybody is wholly naked and seems to be apparently 21 years old. The man looks around to see if he recognizes someone. He sees a couple and understands immediately they are Adam and Eve. How did he recognize them?

The people in Heaven have mantained human features, i.e. not only immaterial or angelic features etc.
The man talked to no-one

General rules
Story boarding
lateral thinking
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