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Step Up to Writing - Leads/Blues

5th grade

Wendy Eckert

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Step Up to Writing - Leads/Blues

How do I write leads?
Step Up to Writing
Sentences that creatively lead the reader to your thesis sentence. Your lead should interest your reader and make them want to read more.

Leads can be creative, historical, factual, poetic, a small story...

So many options!!!!
What is a lead/blue?
Thoughtfully consider your prompt
Write your thesis sentence
You MUST have a thesis sentence before writing your leads
Remember that you can revise your thesis to fit with your lead
Just start writing!
Before writing a lead...
Prompt: Write a personal essay on the topic of wishes. Explain and describe the wishes that you (or someone else) made. Be specific; include details.
Follow this order: Prompt - Thesis - Leads
Write a personal essay on the topic of wishes. Explain and describe wishes that you (or someone else) made.
Follow this order: Consider prompt, write thesis, write leads, revise introductory paragraph
Thoughtfully consider the prompt. Write your thesis statement. Remember you can always revise your thesis statement as you start writing!
Brainstorm about the prompt. Write your thesis statement.
Sample thesis statement:
I wish to travel the world, with an endless supply of money, so I can see and do whatever I want while traveling.
What do you think of when you think of wishes?
After writing my thesis statement, I can think about the leads I should include.

Since this is a personal response, I feel like I can be a little more creative with my leads.
Consider connections between your prompt and movies, books, songs. You can quote material from these pieces and use them as your lead.
In the opening song of Pinnochio, Jiminy Cricket sings, "Makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires
will come to you." If this was true, and I could have anything I wanted, I would wish to travel the world.
Using a connection between the prompt and a Disney movie song, I created my leads. My introductory paragraph is now complete with my leads first and then my thesis statement. This order is very important!!
Let's try another one...
Your prompt is - Write an essay describing three people that you admire.
What should we do first? BRAINSTORM
Brainstorm to figure out our answer to the prompt, and then we must write our thesis statement.
Let's try another prompt:

During your lifetime, what are three things you would like to learn?

Remember the order of operations - consider prompt, write thesis statement, write leads, revise introductory paragraph.
Thesis Statement
If I could be taught three new skills, I would to speak Spanish, how to surf, and how to knit.
After our thesis statement, you can work on your leads. What could work with this prompt?
Lead options - What could work?

A short story
A poem
A quote
A question
A connection to movies, songs, books
Facts and background
Maybe a quote about learning something new?

The Chinese Proverb reads, "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner anywhere."
I would now add my thesis statement and perhaps another sentence to help the sentences flow. Remember - thesis statement is the final statement in your introductory paragraph.
Have you read a book or watched a movie where the lead character learned something new? If so, you could use that as inspiration.
Introductory Paragraph
The old Chinese proverb reads, "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner anywhere." Throughout life we continually learn and grow. If I could be taught three new skills, I would learn how to speak Spanish, how to surf, and how to knit.
Any other ideas?

Any final questions?

Do you now feel more comfortable writing leads?
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