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Socail Networking

No description

Jordyn Stenslie

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Socail Networking

Socail Networking 1. Social Networking is an interactive way to communicate, share photos,thoughts etc. with people that you choose.
2. Socail Networking is for everyone, it is easy and fun for anyone who knows how to use the internet. Here are all the different online socail websites 3. Advantages:Fun, quick, can
do in the comfort of your home

Disadvantages:Dangerous, don't know
who you are really talking to
Jordyn Stenslie 4. I believe that Social Networking
sites should have stricter rules because
there is a lot of creeps out there that
are going after teens and a lot of crimes
are happening because of it. 5. I don't use social networking sites
because I don't have time to just
play around on the computer, I would
rather txt or talk on the phone with people. 6. Socail networking can help you
keep in touch with family and friends, and alow you to have fun while being on the computer. 7. If you decide to use a socail
networking site be smart, be careful, and have fun!
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