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Torrents: The Impact on Entertainment Industry

No description

Tonaya Brownlee

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Torrents: The Impact on Entertainment Industry

The creative
industry, arts and
culture, is regarded as
one of the most dynamic
components of the knowledge
economy. From film to the
performing arts, the evolution
of experience has generated
a rapid growth in demand
for all forms of creative
Torrent is an
instruction file that
fetches the actual data from
the download source. It is simply a file that will contain
data, meaning it actually does not have the data yet. Torrents can only be downloaded through several torrent
clients like BitTorrent,
Vuze, and uTorrent.
The industry led
by Hollywood accounts
for about at $504b or at
least 3.2% percent of the US
GDP. The film and music industry alone employed the most people in the workforce, a total of about 2m workers, and gave $25b in compensation outpacing the
travel and tourism industry
in 2014, and continues
to grow each year.
The Future Without Torrents
BitTorrent Inc., wants to seize its technology back from pirates-and use it to help musicians, filmmakers and authors reach paying audiences.
Economic Impact: Entertainment Industry
Torrents: The Impact on Entertainment Industry
by Stanley Adu, Tonaya Brownlee, Melissa Bruno, Ryan Graf

"Contrary to the industry claims, the music industry is not in terminal decline, but still holding ground and showing healthy profits. Revenues from digital sales, subscription services, streaming and live performances compensate for the decline in revenues from the sale of CDs or records" Cammaerts said.
New Torrent: Popcorn Time = Netflix for pirates
-Previously under the assumption illegal downloads hurt the worldwide industry on a large scale.
Economic Impact:
Entertainment Industry
-Relaxed anti-piracy laws
-Who downloads illegally?
-92% of 16-24 yr olds
-70% of 45-55 yr olds
-Tight anti-piracy laws
-South Korea
-Recorded music sales.
-2007 134 Billion Won
-2010 207 Billion Won (Economist)
-Turns out it's only being reshaped.
-Countries are to blame.
Economic Impact:
Entertainment Industry
-Countries with strict anti-piracy laws are seeing a larger positive economic impact in their entertainment industry.
-More investment from entertainment companies abroad.

-Economic Impact:
-http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/downloads-make-little-mark-on-box-office-20130823-2sh5l.html (Links to an external site.)

Economic Impact:
Entertainment Industry
The case of Australia:
Film Industry:
-$10.8 Billion in 2012 (EW)
-$1 Billion in illegal film downloads (EW)
Who partakes?
-"Almost one third of Australian adults admit to routinely using illegal download services to watch TV shows and movies" (Gizmodo)
Economic Impact:
Entertainment Industry
Australia potential answer?

Three-strike law
-"If within any 12-month period a subscriber is detected infringing copyright on three separate occasions He/She will receive an education, warning and notice their IP address will be included on a “final notice list”" (Gizmodo 2015)
-Fines have not been agreed on.
-Nor has funding for this legislation.
Kant says, do not do it.
Act says, consumers bear the burden in the long run, so we are all not going to be happy.
Rule says, you know what you are doing is wrong so stop it
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