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No description

Bao-Tram Ton

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Cocaine

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Start By: Kaylie B. Jasmine M. and Linh N. Street Names Cocaine is not a game Positive Effects of Coke: Increase alertness
Feelings of euphoria
Gain energy and motor activity
Increase in sexual arousal Hallucinations
Tachycardia (an abnormal heart rate) Negative effects: Desired Effects of Cocaine Increase in sense of energy and alertness
Extremely elevated mood
Feeling of supremacy Different forms of Cocaine Salt based - snorted or injected
Freebased- smoked Coke
Foo-foo dust
All-American drug
Aunt Nora
Witch Dream
King’s habit
Peruvian lady
Zip Overdoses Overdoses of cocaine are Overdoses can lead to:
heart failure
high blood pressure
respiratory failure
repeated convulsions UNCOMMON And ultimately DEATH Cocaine dependence is a desire to use cocaine regularly psychological How is cocaine administered Snorted
damages nasal mucous membrane
risk of HIV and hepatitis (shared needle)
reaches the brain in seconds
damage lungs How long do the effects of cocaine last? 1-2 hours How does cocaine effect judgement and decision making? Long-term cocaine users
lost of memory
impaired decision-making abilities Cocaine-dependent patients
poor decision-making ability
SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography) imaging studies have shown are related to perfusion abnormalities in the brain Does the body develop a tolerance for cocaine? A physical change occurs in the brain and the rest of the body called Cocaine tolerance means that more of the drug is used to feel the same desired effect once achieved with a lesser amount. Cocaine tolerance also indicates addiction. COCAINE TOLERANCE ALL USERS SUFFER FROM SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION Depression
Headaches Linh's Story Don't let Linh's story become yours Tram T.
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