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How to Take Great Yearbook Photos

Yearbook presentation on how to take great yearbook candid, sports action, and posed pictures!

Mallory Goetz

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of How to Take Great Yearbook Photos

How to Take GREAT Yearbook Photos 1. Not Close Enough 2. Not in Focus 6. Flash Fill the frame with your subject Hold shutter button down halfway to get the camera to focus Light Matters!
Light-Camera takes pic fast
Dim-Camera takes pic slower=shake and blur. SO you have to hold still!!! 3. Boring Composition Wander the scene! Find a great spot to take pictures-this might be up higher or lower than just standing! Think-Is there a better way to tell the story? The Rule of Thirds
People are curious! Shoot High,
Shoot Low Instead of just posing:
be creative--have them laugh, jump...think ACTION 4. Ignoring the background Work the edges Pay attention!
distracting? Remove it! Remember to work the scene 5. Missing the Moment SPORTS MODE!
(looks like a little running guy on your cameras) Quick Burst/Continuous Shot
Takes a series of pictures quickly--so you have many to choose from and don't have to hope you clicked at the right moment! Too Little Flash
Inside pictures can be too dark
Flash gives only 8-10 feet of light
eliminates shadows on faces during the day Too Much Flash
flash sometimes blacks out background
use night mode
use natural light! 7. Vertical vs. Horizontal Shot Go with the line of the shot Example: Stairs 8. Digital Zoom Is not your friend! Optical Digital Only gets closer by blowing up pixels--not by actually getting closer. BAD. JUST SAY NO!
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