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Amish Subculture

Sociology Project

Jocelyn Gilmore

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Amish Subculture

By Jocelyn Gilmore The Amish: A Subculture One of the main reasons that the Amish are considered a subculture instead of a counterculture is due to the fact that this group of people chooses to live separately from the rest of society and is content with society having other ideas. A counter culture tries to convert others in society to their way of thinking. Why are they a subculture,
and not a counter culture? The Amish group was created by Jacob Amman, and originated in Europe. At first, this was a reform group of the Mennonite movement. However, the Amish and Mennonite people separated due to a discrepancy over how disciplined each group was. The Amish and Mennonite subcultures have many of the same beliefs, but there are also some differences. How was this group formed? The Amish people have a Christian faith, but there are some differences compared to everyday society. They are considered to be a conservative Christian group. First, they do not feel that salvation is guaranteed due to a baptism, or from joining the church. They support the separation of church and state as well. The Amish are a more peaceful people and choose to live separately from the world and also not have any type of military involvement. They do not believe in going outside of their districts to recruit others, and having converts to the Amish practice is rare. Most people are born into the Amish society. Lastly, there are certain practices when is comes to men and women. Although they feel that women are equal to men, the women are still always controlled by their fathers and have household
duties as well. What are some of their beliefs? One of the main things that separate the Amish from common society is the fact that they do not use electricity at all. They also refuse technology in their lives as well. The Amish use a horse and buggy as means of travel, and do not enjoy using cars but will ride in one if necessary. Also, the Amish do not have telephones in their homes. There is usually one telephone that is only used when needed within an Amish community. They do not have the common luxuries that are taken for granted by the average American person. What are some activities that separate
them from common society? I chose to research the Amish for a few reasons. First, I find their ways of life quite interesting and quite frankly remarkable. It is remarkable because they are able to thrive without the use of technology which our culture has become so dependent on. I also chose this group because I felt it would be easy to get information about, because they are so well known. Lastly, I chose this topic because I enjoy the television show, Breaking Amish, and wanted to learn more about their culture. Why did I choose to research the Amish?
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